Petal Prints: The Art of Flower Hammering with Paige St. Pierre - Happy Time Craftcast 16

Craftonians, welcome back to another heartwarming episode of Joleen's Happy Time Craftcast!

I'm so excited to share today's episode with you because we have a fantastic guest—Paige St. Pierre, a brilliant fiber artist and educator with a deep passion for sustainable art practices. Paige and I explore the magic of creative reuse, eco-friendly techniques, and the enchanting world of botanical printing. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just dipping your toes into the artistic waters, this episode is packed with insights and practical tips that you won't want to miss.

So, big news—I’ve got a new setup! I've finally moved from my living room floor to a cozy, dedicated space in my office. With a new microphone setup that doesn’t get in the way of my crafting, I’m thrilled to promise you a more comfortable and consistent experience for both of us. It's all about making things easier and more enjoyable, right?

Now, let's dive into our chat with the wonderful Paige St. Pierre. Paige is a fiber artist with a strong social media presence, and she’s all about sustainability. She transitioned from being a high school teacher to a full-time artist and educator, and her journey is truly inspiring. Paige emphasizes the importance of using what you already have—old clothes, discarded materials, and more—to create beautiful, sustainable art. This approach not only saves money but also encourages us to be more thoughtful and environmentally-friendly in our crafting.

We also discussed the heart of Paige's artistic philosophy: sustainability. Paige shares her innovative use of materials and her commitment to sustainable practices. She believes in repurposing old clothes and discarded materials, turning them into beautiful artworks. It’s a wonderful way to save money and embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Paige also gives us a detailed explanation of eco-dyeing and botanical printing—two techniques she uses to create stunning, nature-inspired artworks. She shows how everyday items like old clothes, fresh flowers, and even kitchen scraps can be used to produce beautiful prints on fabric and paper. One of the highlights is Paige's live demonstration of the flower hammering technique. She shows how to use a simple mallet to transfer the natural pigments from flowers and leaves onto fabric and paper, creating unique and vibrant designs. Her step-by-step guide makes it so easy for anyone to try this at home with minimal supplies.

I’m also thrilled to introduce our June Craft Kit, which focuses on creating fabric books from sample swatches and fabric waste. This kit is a fantastic way to turn small pieces of fabric into a beautiful, functional art piece. It includes a variety of fabrics, embroidery supplies, and templates to help you get started.

June 2024

As for my current projects, I’m working on "Money Roll," a stunning piece made from gold-gilded book edges, and the Tree of Life, a special gift for my mom. These projects showcase my unique approach to art and my dedication to transforming everyday materials into extraordinary creations.

To wrap up, I ask Paige 10 quick questions to give you a better sense of who she is. From her favorite word ("abundance mindset") to the sound she loves (kids laughing and bees buzzing), Paige's answers reveal her positive, creative spirit and her commitment to living a mindful and fulfilling life.

If you’re inspired by Paige's work, you can find more about her on her website and Instagram. Plus, check out Strawberry Moon Magazine for articles by both Paige and me on eco-dyeing and botanical printing. And if you’re interested in joining my craft club or attending a retreat at Big Raven Farm, all the details are linked below. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in a creative and supportive community.

Thank you for tuning in to this treasure trove of inspiration on Joleen's Happy Time Craftcast. Paige St. Pierre’s insights and demonstrations provide practical knowledge that you can apply to your own creative projects. Whether you’re repurposing old clothes or experimenting with botanical prints, the possibilities are endless. So, let your creativity blossom and happy crafting!


Introduction (0:00 - 1:04)

  • Joleen welcomes everyone to the show, introduces her new setup, and expresses excitement about today's episode.
  • Guest for the show is Paige St. Pierre, a fiber artist and educator passionate about sustainable practices in artwork.

Interview with Paige St. Pierre (1:04 - 39:05)

  • Sustainability in Artwork (1:04 - 1:56):
    • Paige and Joleen share their interests in sustainability.
    • Paige discusses her article on petal prints and Joleen's on eco-dyeing in Strawberry Moon magazine.
  • Sustainable Practices and Creative Use of Materials (1:56 - 9:57):
    • Paige talks about using what she already has instead of buying new materials, emphasizing creativity and cost-saving.
    • Examples include mending old clothes and repurposing fabric.
  • Teaching and Community Engagement (4:28 - 10:23):
    • Paige's background as a high school teacher and her transition to teaching fiber arts.
    • Emphasizes the importance of hand skills and reconnecting with nature.
  • Eco-Dyeing and Botanical Printing Techniques (11:17 - 39:05):
    • Discussion on the process of eco-dyeing and botanical printing on fabric and paper.
    • Practical tips on using botanicals, creating prints, and various methods like steaming and bundle dyeing.
    • Paige demonstrates flower hammering technique to create prints on fabric and paper.

Joleen's Craft Club and Current Projects (41:11 - 44:37)

  • June Craft Kit: Fabric Books:
    • Joleen describes the current craft kit focused on creating fabric books using fabric waste and sample swatches.
    • Kit includes various fabrics, embroidery supplies, and templates.
  • Recent Projects:

Final Segment: Questions with Paige St. Pierre (44:48 - 54:00)

  • Favorite Word: Abundance mindset.
  • Least Favorite Word: Overused business terms like "circle back."
  • Favorite Sandwich: Anything with avocado.
  • Being an Artist: Helping people ignite their creativity and inspiring positive change.
  • Favorite Sound: Kids laughing and bees buzzing.
  • Least Favorite Sound: Gas-powered leaf blowers.
  • Alternative Profession: Documentary filmmaker or historical fiction writer.
  • Profession to Avoid: Anything stinky, smelly, or involving data entry.
  • Source of Happiness: Being in the creative flow and sharing creativity with others.

Closing (54:00)

  • Joleen thanks Paige for her time and shares information about upcoming episodes and how to connect with Paige.

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