Get Hooked on Your Favorite Hobby - Watercolor, with Kate Talcott - Happy Time Craftcast 7

Welcome to another captivating episode of the Happy Time Craftcast, where creativity flows and inspiration blooms!

I'm Joleen Emery, your guide through the enchanting realms of crafts and hobbies, eager to sprinkle a bit of joy and a whole lot of color into your life. 

In this very special episode, titled "Get Hooked on Your Favorite Hobby - Watercolor," we dive deep into the vibrant and splashy world of watercolor painting. Our guest, the wonderfully talented Kate Talcott of Splatter & Bloom, joins us to share her journey and insights into making watercolor not just an art form to admire from afar but a passionate project you can hold in your hands and heart.

Kate's story is one of transformation and discovery. With a background as nurturing as a teacher's and as rich as a librarian's, she found her true calling amidst the fluid and forgiving medium of watercolor. Through Splatter & Bloom, Kate has embarked on a mission to demystify watercolor painting, making it accessible, enjoyable, and downright fun for everyone.

Whether you're a curious beginner or a seasoned painter, this episode promises to inspire, educate, and perhaps even coax out your inner Bob Ross. So, grab your brushes, prepare your palette, and let's embark on this colorful journey together.

Remember, creativity is not about the outcome; it's about the experience. And with Kate's guidance, you're in for a delightful adventure. Let's get started!


Show Notes

Date of Upload: February 14, 2024
Host: Joleen Emery
Guest: Kate Talcott from Splatter & Bloom

Episode Overview:

Join Joleen Emery as she delves into the colorful world of watercolor painting with Kate Talcott, the creative force behind Splatter & Bloom. This episode explores how watercolor can evolve from a distant admiration to a passionate, hands-on project, highlighting Kate's journey from education to embracing her true calling in art.

Important Segments:

Introduction to Kate Talcott and Splatter & Bloom

  • Segment: Joleen introduces Kate Talcott and her business, Splatter & Bloom, which aims to make watercolor painting accessible and fun for everyone.

Kate's Journey from Education to Art

  • Segment: Kate shares her background as a teacher and librarian, and how she transitioned to pursuing watercolor painting full-time.

Making Watercolor Accessible

  • Segment: Discussion on the importance of making watercolor accessible to all skill levels, including beginners, through DIY kits and video tutorials.

The Joy of Teaching Watercolor

  • Segment: Kate talks about the joy she finds in teaching watercolor and guiding both beginners and seasoned painters through their creative journey.

Creative Inspiration and Personal Affirmation

  • Segment: Kate emphasizes the significance of creativity, wonder, and seeking personal affirmation in one's artistic journey.

Kate's Approach to Watercolor

  • Segment: Insights into Kate's teaching philosophy, focusing on community building, encouraging curiosity, and celebrating artistic achievements.

Strategies for Integrating Art into Daily Life

  • Segment: Tips for practicing watercolor and engaging with art on the go, including making use of sketchbooks and utilizing simple watercolor techniques.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

  • Segment: Joleen and Kate wrap up the episode with final thoughts on the transformative power of art and the importance of pursuing one's passions.

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