Art from the Heart with Andrea Nelson - Happy Time Craftcast 6


It's Joleen here to tell you about the most recent episode of my Happy Time Craftcast! I just had the absolute best time chatting with my pal Andrea Nelson the other day.

Andrea and I go way back, so it's always so fun catching up on what she's been up to lately in the art world. I have to say, I was pretty amazed hearing how her God's Glue tutorial took off like wildfire online! Who knew a little black paint and glue could cause such an uproar.

We also had a really interesting discussion about finding a balance between teaching others and focusing on your own creative projects. As someone who struggles with that myself at times, it was neat hearing Andrea's perspective.

I have to say though, one of my favorite parts of the episode was getting to ask Andrea those classic interview questions from Inside the Actor's Studio. Did y'all know her favorite word is "shenanigans"? And it turns out sewing just isn't her thing - who would've guessed! It was really cool learning little tidbits like that about her.

I can't thank Andrea enough for being such a wonderful guest. I know all you listeners had as great a time as I did. 

Be sure to mark your calendars - you won't want to miss when I go live with my next special guest on the first and third Wednesdays of each month for Joleen's Happy Time Craftcast. I'll be sharing all the crafting fun, tutorials, and creative conversations you can handle. Hope to see your smiling faces then!

Show notes

[0:00:02 - 0:09:27] Introduction and getting to know Andrea

  • Joleen welcomes Andrea and introduces her to listeners
  • They discuss Andrea's style and background as an artist and teacher

[0:09:28 - 0:22:31] Getting to know Andrea

  • Andrea talks about her journey from preschool teacher to artist and content creator
  • She discusses having over 1 million followers on TikTok and Instagram

[0:22:32 - 0:35:55] God's Glue and viral videos

  • They discuss Andrea creating the God's Glue tutorial and how it took off online
  • Andrea talks about sometimes feeling insecure when her content goes viral

[0:35:56 - 0:46:21] Personal art vs teaching others

  • Andrea shares her struggle balancing creating her own art vs teaching others
  • Andrea demonstrates reverse painting technique for Valentine's Day craft.

[0:46:22 - 0:56:27] Happy mistakes in art

  • They discuss embracing mistakes and uncertainties in the creative process
    Andrea talks about showing her process to help others feel it's accessible
  • Andrea uses cookie cutters and watercolor to create heart designs, stamping and painting them on paper.
  • Andrea encourages listeners to start with one step at a time when creating art, such as stamping hearts onto paper, and building from there.

[0:56:28 - 1:10:21] James Lipton-style interview questions

  • Joleen asks Andrea the 10 questions to learn more about her likes and dislikes
  • Andrea answers questions about her favorite and least favorite words
  • Andrea loves outside sounds like birds and water, hates barely perceptible noises.
  • Andrea considers their ideal job to be teaching preschool, but also acknowledges desk jobs can be challenging.

About Andrea Nelson

<andrea’s provided photo>

Andrea, a former teacher, has harnessed her passion for art and expertise in education to empower people of all ages to dive into the world of art. Her approach? Make it fun, make it doable! Andrea is a guiding light for artists of every age and skill level with her engaging tutorials and her very own line of watercolor supplies.

Andrea is also the creator of two comprehensive online classes, and guess what? She's offering our listeners a fantastic 10% discount with the code HAPPY! Check out her website at

Her motto, "It's gonna be fine. I'm here to help” perfectly describes Andrea who is a friend to all who want to give art exploration a try. Andrea believes everyone can be an artist.

And friends, she's not just an artist; she's a lover of animals, fantasy books, circles (yes, circles!), and who can resist a good grilled cheese?

This episode promises laughter, inspiration, and maybe a tip or two on making your own watercolor masterpieces. She’s a dear friend and I can’t wait for you to spend time with us!! 

Excited? Follow Andrea on social! 🌐👀


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