Anyone Can Learn Embroidery--EVEN if you're not "CRAFTY" - Happy Time Craftcast 8

Craftonians, I've just wrapped up one of the coziest chats on my Happy Time Craftcast, and guess what? This time, we dove into the exciting world of embroidery with the incredibly talented guest, Hannah Arnold from Sherwood Forest Creations. I mean, who wouldn't want to spend their time stitching joy into every piece of fabric, right?

Hannah's Embroidery Adventure

Let's kick things off with a little backstory. Hannah made the leap from the structured world of math and science to the free-flowing realm of embroidery and business ownership. Her journey? Absolutely inspiring. She makes the art of embroidery feel like a warm hug, accessible to anyone no matter your walk of life.

Embroidery for Everyone

Now, let's clear the air – embroidery isn't just for the craft wizards among us. Hannah and I had a lovely time debunking that old chestnut, showing how anyone can start creating beautiful pieces with just a bit of guidance. Hannah even chatted about beginner kits, which sound like a dream for dipping your toes into the embroidery pond.

Crafting for the Soul

We didn't stop there! Hannah and I shared some heart-to-heart moments discussing how crafting, especially embroidery, can be a balm for the soul. It's like finding your flow in a sea of stitches – truly a form of meditation that can sprinkle a little peace into our bustling lives.

Behind the Stitches

Curious about the nitty-gritty of running an embroidery business? Hannah peeled back the curtain on her own experience, from crafting those adorable kits to weaving connections with customers. It's a tapestry of challenges and triumphs, perfect for anyone pondering a creative business venture.

Our Creative Wells

Our conversation took a turn towards the personal as we shared our current projects and creative processes. It's always so refreshing to hear how others navigate their creative blocks and find inspiration. It's like a little nudge to keep pushing through your own creative fog.

Redefining Crafting

We also tackled some of those pesky crafting stereotypes. Crafting is for everyone, darlings – no gatekeeping allowed. Hannah was so passionate about encouraging everyone to find their unique style and embrace it wholeheartedly.

Looking Back, Moving Forward

As we wrapped up, we reflected on our personal growth journeys and the dreams we're stitching together for the future. It's all about embracing creativity and letting it shape our paths and our hearts.

Why You Simply Must Listen

But why tune in to my Happy Time Craftcast, you ask? Well, it's not just about threading needles and tying knots; it's about joining a community that cherishes peace, creativity, and personal growth. This episode with Hannah is a tapestry of touching stories, practical tips, and heartening insights that speak to both the seasoned crafter and the curious newbie.

So, if you're feeling that little nudge to embark on your embroidery journey, or if you're just looking for a soothing voice to accompany your crafting sessions, this episode is your sign! Plus, there's a special treat – use the code "PODCAST" for a sweet $5 discount at Sherwood Forest Creations Embroidery Course.


Embroidery is so much more than a hobby; it's a pathway to mindfulness, self-expression, and community. So why not join us? Tune in, grab your needle and thread, and let's stitch some joy and creativity into our lives together.

And remember, my lovely ravens, crafting is a journey best shared. So come, join our vibrant community, share your stitching stories, and keep an eye out for more episodes filled with crafts, chuckles, and cherished learning moments.



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