Let Your Light Shine: The Lettering Journey with Christie Daugherty - Happy Time Craftcast 9


Welcome to another delightful journey into the heart of creativity, where the magic of art meets the warmth of our community. Today, I’m thrilled beyond words to share with you a conversation that's as enlightening as it is uplifting. Imagine sitting down with a dear friend, a cup of your favorite tea in hand, surrounded by the cozy comfort of your crafting nook. That's the ambiance we're channeling as we dive into a discussion that promises to inspire, challenge, and transform the way we view our creative practices.

I had the absolute joy of sitting down with the luminous Christie Daugherty, a beacon of positivity whose journey from the shadows into the light is nothing short of remarkable. Christie, with her infectious energy and profound wisdom in the realm of doodling and lettering, has not only mastered the art of turning simple strokes into masterpieces but has also discovered the profound therapeutic power of creativity.

In this episode, we peel back the layers of what it means to create with intention, to find solace in the strokes of a brush pen, and to discover our own light through the colorful palette of our experiences. Christie opens up about her journey through darkness, the role of faith and art in her healing process, and how she's now dedicated to spreading joy and encouragement through her work.

So, dear friends, I invite you to join us in this cozy corner of the internet as we explore the intertwining paths of creativity and personal growth. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or someone who’s just starting to dip your toes into the vibrant waters of crafting, there’s a nugget of wisdom, a spark of inspiration waiting for you in our conversation.

Let the warmth of creativity fill your hearts and homes as we delve into the beautiful world of Happy Time Craft Cast with the amazing Christie Daugherty.



 🎉 Bonus: Get ready to brighten your Monday with Christie’s Devos & Doodles, and don't forget to use code TikTok for 10% off on her amazing hand lettering books and other goodies. Here's her website: https://www.craftwithchristie.com/


Show Notes:

  • Introduction and Background (00:16-02:33): Introduction of Christie Dy, her vibrant energy, and background, including her battles with anxiety and depression. Christie's transition from a dark phase to discovering hand lettering as a form of joy and creative expression is highlighted.

  • The Creative Journey and Hand Lettering (02:33-05:08): Discussion on Christie's creative journey, her approach to hand lettering, and overcoming perfectionism. The conversation emphasizes the therapeutic aspects of creativity and crafting.

  • Crafting History and Current Interests (05:08-12:00): Christie shares her history with crafting, inspired by her mother, and discusses her current interests in gouache painting and pattern design, with a brief mention of the challenges of balancing creativity with other responsibilities, like caring for a new puppy.

  • Exploration of Gouache and Crafting Habits (12:21-13:27): Christie discusses her love for gouache, describing it as a marriage between acrylic paint and watercolor. She touches on the freedom it offers in correcting mistakes and its ease of use. Christie also reflects on her crafting habits, including collecting supplies for various projects like punch needle work, highlighting the therapeutic aspects of crafting.

  • Crafting Supplies and Punch Needle (13:27-14:10): The discussion shifts to the joy of collecting crafting supplies versus the actual crafting process. Christie shares her current interest in punch needle, describing it as forgiving and enjoyable. They ponder whether the audience also distinguishes between collecting craft supplies and crafting.

  • Lettering and Doodling Tips (14:40-17:20): Christie suggests starting with inspirational phrases or scriptures for lettering and doodling. She emphasizes experimenting with different styles and tools, like brush pens, to create varied lettering effects. Christie demonstrates a project from her membership class, showcasing a mix of script and block lettering to create visual interest.

  • Digital Art and iPad Use (17:55-24:11): The conversation shifts to digital art, focusing on the convenience and versatility of the iPad for crafting, especially for those seeking less mess and more mobility. Christie discusses the advantages of Procreate for digital artwork, including its portability and the ability to create complex effects like watercolor and acrylic painting. They address learning curves with digital tools and the value of structured learning through courses.

  • Personal Projects and Creative Goals (24:15-25:01): Christie talks about her recent work on wallpaper and fabric design, emphasizing her goal to make marks on paper without aiming for a specific end result, seeking instead to enjoy the creative process and meditate on her work. The host shares her ongoing project, the "Money Roll Project," detailing its development and the community involvement on TikTok.

  • Community Engagement and Digital Platforms (25:01-29:25): The conversation shifts to the importance of community and engagement, particularly through live sessions on digital platforms like TikTok. They discuss the uncertainty surrounding TikTok's future but express a shared hope for its continuation. Christie offers a discount code for her website and Etsy shop to the listeners, showcasing her range of products, including digital downloads and scripture cards.

  • Retreats and Workshops (29:25-34:56): The host shares information about upcoming retreats at Big Raven Farm, including cooking and art for self-care retreats. They highlight the benefits of attending retreats, emphasizing personal growth and the opportunity to fill one's cup with creative and relaxing activities. Christie discusses her website and business, offering a discount to listeners and explaining the spelling of her name inspired by Christy Brinkley.

  • Q&A Session (34:56-36:53): The segment concludes with a Q&A session where Christie is asked about her favorite word ("shine"), her least favorite word, and her perspectives on language and expression. The discussion about words transitions into a reflection on personal values and the impact of language on creativity and community.

  • Personal Motivations and Dislikes (37:06-44:58): Christie shares that sharing her love for creativity with others ignites her passion, especially witnessing their success in trying new things. This evokes a sense of pride and fulfillment akin to a mother's joy in her children's achievements. Conversely, she expresses her dislike for negativity and the impact it has on her enthusiasm and creativity. Christie can quickly identify and distance herself from negative vibes, choosing to focus on positivity and growth.

  • Favorite and Least Favorite Sounds (44:58-47:49): Christie loves the sound of a baby laughing and enjoys worship music, which deeply moves her emotionally and spiritually. She does not like the sound of chewing or smacking, particularly when it disrupts her focus or enjoyment of other activities. The discussion also highlights the real disorder associated with an aversion to certain sounds, offering validation for those sensitive to specific noises.

  • Aspirations and Profession Preferences (47:49-50:00): Christie expresses her desire to become a motivational speaker, hoping to inspire others as she has been inspired. She discusses her aim to provoke thought and evoke emotions that leave people feeling better after interacting with her content. Christie specifies that she would not want to work in cleaning or in any profession involving unpleasant smells.

  • Afterlife Expectations (50:00-end): When asked about what she would like to hear in the afterlife, Christie hopes for a welcoming message that signals safety and arrival, like "Welcome home." This reflects her deep faith and the comfort she finds in the idea of an eternal home.

  • Conclusion and Upcoming Guest (50:04-end): The host expresses gratitude towards Christie for her contribution to the episode, praising her as a "shiny inspiration." She encourages the audience to try book folding, suggesting it as a peaceful and engaging activity that could bring more friends together in the craft. The episode concludes with an announcement of the next guest, Michelle Butler, a polymer clay artist known for her amazing earrings. The next episode is scheduled for March 27th at noon Central Time, which will be streamed live to YouTube and Facebook and later available on iTunes.


Products Mentioned:

  • Gouache: Christie Daugherty expresses her fondness for gouache, describing it as a versatile medium that combines the characteristics of acrylic paint and watercolor.

  • Punch Needle: Christie shares her interest in punch needle crafting, praising its therapeutic qualities and mentioning it as a current hobby focus.

  • Polymer Clay: Joleen Emery recalls her phase of creating with polymer clay, making beads and earrings.

  • Crayola Markers: Mentioned as an affordable tool that can be used for hand lettering, emphasizing accessibility in crafting.

  • Inkjet Printer: Discussed in the context of printing digital artwork for various projects, highlighting the use of an affordable ($150) inkjet printer for crafting needs.

  • HP Printing Service: Christie recommends the HP printing service for its convenience and cost-effectiveness, especially for crafters.

  • Pentel Brush Pen: Christie's favorite tool for brush lettering, recommended for its ease of use for beginners compared to thicker brush pens.

  • Tombo Brush Pens: Also mentioned as an option for brush lettering, though noted to be thicker and potentially more challenging for beginners.


Techniques and Resources:

  • Modern Calligraphy: Christie and Joleen discuss the appeal and freedom of modern calligraphy, emphasizing personal style and the joy of creating without strict rules.

  • Procreate App: Both digital art creation and hand lettering on an iPad using the Procreate app are explored. Christie mentions offering a Procreate 101 course designed to help beginners navigate the app efficiently.

  • Hand Lettering Tips: Christie suggests beginners start by mimicking styles they admire and experimenting with different tools, like brush pens, to develop their own style.


Courses and Membership:

  • Procreate 101 Course: A course taught by Christie Daugherty, designed to introduce beginners to digital art creation using the Procreate app on the iPad.

  • Christie Daugherty's Membership: Christie mentions offering a membership where she teaches various crafting techniques, including digital art creation and hand lettering.


Special Mentions:

  • Weekly Demo Divos and Doodles: Christie hosts weekly sessions on her "Create with Christie" Facebook page, combining devotionals with crafting tips.

  • Crafting Community Interaction: The importance of community and sharing in the crafting process is highlighted, with Christie mentioning the engaged group of crafters who join her weekly sessions.

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