Living with the Craft-Obsessed: A Partner's Survival Guide - Happy Time Craftcast 2

Welcome back to "Joleen's Happy Time Craftcast," the show where creativity knows no bounds! In this special episode, your host, Joleen, sits down with a very special guest, her husband Darin Warling, to explore a topic that hits close to home for him: living with a wildly creative, wonderfully messy, and craft-obsessed partner.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to share your life with someone who is always knee-deep in craft projects, glued to their latest creation, or buried under a pile of supplies, then this episode is for you. Darin shares his personal journey of cohabiting with a craftastic partner, offering invaluable insights, humor, and a dose of sanity-saving tips.

Join us as we dive into the world of craft obsession, where each room becomes a crafting haven, and no surface is safe from being turned into a DIY masterpiece. Darin opens up about the joys and challenges of supporting Joleen's creative pursuits while maintaining his own peace of mind.

From setting boundaries to discovering the hidden treasures of living with a crafter, this episode serves as a survival guide for partners everywhere. Whether you're a fellow crafter seeking to understand the impact of your creative whirlwind or a non-crafter looking for ways to elevate your partner's craft experience, this candid conversation will resonate with you.

So grab your headphones, settle in, and prepare to gain a deeper appreciation for the world of crafting from a partner's perspective. "Living with the Craft-Obsessed: A Partner's Survival Guide" is here to remind you that love and creativity can coexist harmoniously, even if it means finding glitter in unexpected places.

Don't miss this heartwarming, laughter-filled episode that celebrates the bonds that craft, love, and a little bit of chaos can create. Tune in, and let's embark on this craftastic journey together!



Segment 1: Introduction

Introduction (00:02 - 01:14)

  • Joleen Amory introduces the podcast and the episode's theme.
  • Joleen shares details about her husband Darin's personality and talents.

Naming the Show (01:45 - 02:59)

  • Discussion on why Darin chose the name "Joleen's Happy Time Craftcast."

Living with a Craft Obsessed Person (03:05 - 09:25)

  • Darin shares his experience and approach to living with Joleen, a craft-obsessed person.
  • Conversation about the practical challenges and installation of Joleen's 100 folded books project.
  • Discussion on the differences between Joleen as an artist and Darin as an engineer.

folded books

Muppet Theory (09:25 - 13:28)

  • Darin explains the 'Muppet Theory' and its application to their relationship.
  • Order vs. Chaos Muppets

Segment 2: Creativity and Craftsmanship

Darin's Creative Background (13:28 - 24:01)

  • Darin talks about his artistic and creative activities during childhood and teenage years.
  • Darin describes how his creativity was influenced by his engineering education.

Segment 3: Kitchen Adventures and Relationship Dynamics

Darin's Cooking Philosophy (24:06 - 25:07)

  •  How Darin applies craftsmanship in software development and cooking.
  • Darin talks about his favorite aspects of cooking and his role as a chef at Big Raven Farm.
  • Darin discusses his approach to cooking, focusing on balancing engineering and artistry in the kitchen.

food prepared by Darin

Elevating Classic Dishes & Homemade Aspirations (25:07 - 27:00)

  • Darin talks about his version of Minnesota's tater tot hot dish, emphasizing homemade ingredients.
  • Discussion on items Darin wishes to make from scratch, like bread and mayonnaise, and the challenges of doing so during busy retreats.

Kitchen Tools and Techniques (27:00 - 33:38)

  • Darin lists his top five essential kitchen tools, including a chef's knife and cast iron cookware, and explains their importance.
  • Joleen and Darin discuss the ease of maintaining cast iron cookware and the discipline required for its upkeep.
  • The couple explores their different approaches to cooking and kitchen maintenance, highlighting the contrast between Joleen's 'chaos Muppet' style and Darin's 'order Muppet' approach.

Favorite and Least Favorite Dishes to Cook (33:38 - 34:24)

  • Darin shares his favorite dish to cook (elevated tater tot hot dish) and his least favorite (waffles), citing the lack of challenge in making waffles.

Segment 4: Darin's Multifaceted Career and Creative Projects

Darin's Creative Journey (34:24 - 35:01)

  • Darin's creative journey from his youth to the present, touching on his changing hair color and a comparison to actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

Darin's Varied Roles (35:04 - 36:40)

  • Discussion about Darin's transition from engineering to being a chef, yoga mat maker, CFO, CTO, entrepreneur, and general handyman.
  • Chaos Muppet and Order Muppet in Business

Favorite Business Venture: Big Raven Farm (36:40 - 37:53)

  • Darin expresses his fondness for Big Raven Farm, highlighting his love for cooking and meeting guests.

Crafting and Cooking as Creative Outlets (37:53 - 46:15)

  • The couple discusses the need for social interaction and sharing their home and property with others.
  • Joleen's Current Craft Project: Fabric Book 
  • Darin's Cookbook and Culinary Studies 
  • Future Culinary Plans: Darin shares his plans to stage in other kitchens to learn new techniques and expand his culinary skills.

Segment 5: Culinary Tips and Personal Insights

Sous Vide Cooking Technique (46:21 - 52:03)

  • Darin encourages listeners to try sous vide cooking, explaining the process and its benefits for perfect results every time.
  • Starting with Sous Vide: Darin suggests starting with chicken breasts to see the difference sous vide makes in tenderness and juiciness.
  • Darin's Favorite Kitchen Tools, including a temperature probe and an infrared thermometer.

Closing Remarks (52:03 – 58:15)


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