Art for Self Care with Guest Molly Anthony - Happy Time Craftcast 3

Hey, lovely crafters! Joleen here, and I am beyond excited to share the magic that unfolded in the recent episode of Happy Time Craftcast. If you couldn't catch it live, don't fret—I've got the highlights, the laughs, and the crafting wisdom all bundled up for you.

We kicked off this crafting extravaganza with the amazing Molly, who bared her creative soul, sharing the highs, lows, and everything in between. The world of crafting, my friends, is not just about making pretty things—it's about the journey, the stories, and the therapeutic power of creation.

Now, let's dive into the heart of it all—my Work Table Project. Creating a space where inspiration flows freely is my jam. Picture a crafting sanctuary that's as organized as it is dreamy. Yep, that's the vibe I'm aiming for, and you're all invited to join me on this quest for the perfect crafting nook.

But let's not forget Molly's Work Table Project. She's taking the eco-friendly route, turning old crib sheets and clothing into art. It's a genius way to breathe new life into forgotten materials, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. That's the beauty of crafting—it's not just about the final piece; it's about the process and the stories we weave into our creations.

Now, mark your calendars because April is going to be epic. We've got a retreat coming your way, and it's not your run-of-the-mill crafting escape. It's a self-care haven where fiber, paper, and art journaling take center stage. Picture yourself surrounded by fellow creatives, sharing ideas, and immersing yourself in a crafting paradise. It's an experience you don't want to miss.

Molly had us all spellbound with her glass bead medium wizardry. Seriously, if you haven't tried this technique, you're in for a treat. It's like adding a touch of magic to your creations, and I can't wait to see what you all come up with using this enchanting medium.

And watercolors! Oh, the sheer joy and freedom they bring to the artistic process. Molly's enthusiasm for watercolors is contagious, and it got me all pumped up to grab my brushes and start playing. There's something about the way watercolors flow that speaks to the soul of a crafter.

This episode was a crafting journey filled with laughter, inspiration, and a peek into the world of two passionate crafters. If you're looking for a dose of creativity and camaraderie, the Happy Time Craftcast is your go-to spot. Until next time, keep crafting, keep creating, and keep those happy vibes alive!



Introduction and Guest Introduction (00:01 - 01:22)

  • Joleen welcomes viewers to the Happy Time Craftcast.
  • Discussion about Joleen's work table project  and upcoming events at Big Raven Farm.
  • Invitation for live audience participation.
  • Introduction of today's guest, Molly Anthony, an artist and close friend of Joleen.

Molly Anthony's Art Journey (01:22 - 11:17)

  • Molly discusses her background in art and the challenges she faced due to perfectionism.
  • Molly shares her journey back to art, engaging in daily projects and utilizing Instagram as a platform.
  • Molly reflects on the personal challenges she faced in 2016, including her husband's injury and job loss.
  • Molly discusses her family's struggles in 2017 and explores how it influenced her artistic expression.
  • Molly talks about how her dog influenced her art and heightened her attention to detail in her creative process.

Discussion on Fiber Art and Upcycling (11:23 - 22:58)

  • Joleen highlights the convenience of fiber art and cloth books, initiating the discussion.
  • The conversation delves into concerns about paper and textile waste in artistic practices.
  • Molly shares her approach of upcycling old crib sheets and clothing to create meaningful art pieces.
  • The discussion explores the purpose of art and emphasizes the significance of the creative process.
  • A technical issue with the mute button occurs, leading to Joleen and Molly discussing common questions about their art, including a shoutout to Suzanne Early and Strawberry Moon magazine.

Art and Healing, Upcoming Retreat (23:02 - 34:44)

  • Molly discusses her approach to repurposing found objects in her artistic creations.
  • Molly’s work table project
  • The conversation explores the concept of a 'found artwalk,' likely discussing the creative use of discovered items.
  • Joleen and Molly talk about their upcoming retreat in April, providing a glimpse into what participants can expect.
  • The discussion includes reflections on their last retreat, which focused on art for self-care.
  • Highlights of the therapeutic nature of the retreats are emphasized, along with the importance of embracing imperfection in art.

Crafters and Artisans for Rescued Animals (CARA) (31:01 - 34:44)

  • The segment begins with an introduction to CARA, an organization for crafters and artisans dedicated to helping rescued animals.
  • Different pathways for crafters to contribute to CARA are discussed, highlighting ways individuals can support the organization.
  • There is an encouragement for those unable to participate in crafting to consider donating to CARA as a means of support.
  • The discussion touches on the importance of animal rescue efforts post-COVID, likely addressing challenges and increased needs.
  • Both Joleen and Molly share personal stories about the impact of animals in their lives, including Molly's story about adopting a cockatiel and Joleen's update on her chickens.

Farmyard Drama and Current Projects (34:51 - 46:04)

  • Joleen discusses challenges with farmyard dynamics, focusing on issues related to Romeo the rooster.
  • Molly shares insights into her ongoing projects, which include art for self-care classes and personal crafting for her children.
  • Molly mentions her involvement in various art swaps, indicating a collaborative and exchange-oriented aspect of her artistic endeavors.
  • There is a discussion about a special cloth book project designed for the holidays, suggesting a festive and creative undertaking.
  • Joleen provides updates on her current projects, highlighting the "Money Roll" and "Book of Faces," as well as mentioning a crochet project for her daughter.

Art as a Meditative Process (43:56 - 46:04)

  • Discussion about the meditative aspect of repetitive crafting tasks.
  • Joleen mentions her current audiobook interests.
  • Molly suggests a simple art project involving intuitive mark-making with favorite supplies.

Art Project Ideas and Craft Club (46:11 - 57:49)

  • Molly introduces the versatile True Ray construction paper.
  • Molly demonstrates using water-soluble crayons and discusses the unique qualities of BEAM paints.
  • Molly showcases an intuitive mark-making process with watercolors on the construction paper.
  • Ideas for utilizing finished art pieces, including postcards and artist trading cards, are discussed.
  • Joleen shares her project using glass bead medium, and the session concludes with a recap, including mentions of Molly's website and an upcoming retreat with Joleen.

Rapid-Fire Questions and Closing (57:56 - 64:49)

  • Joleen recaps the April 11th-14th retreat with Molly, focusing on self-care through fiber, paper, and art journaling.
  • Joleen announces her next show on December 27th with guest Cara, an artist working with diverse mediums.
  • Joleen conducts a rapid-fire question session with Molly, inspired by "Inside the Actor's Studio."
  • Molly shares her favorite word ("art"), least favorite word ("hate"), and what excites her (new art supplies and observing others in art groups).
  • Joleen acknowledges a viewer, Barb, expresses gratitude to everyone for tuning in, and concludes with thanks to Molly for joining the show.


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