Being a Champion for your Creativity— Weird Art Makers Encouraged to Listen! - Happy Time Craftcast 4


It's Joleen Emery here, bringing you the scoop from the latest episode of our beloved Happy Time Craftcast. Episode #04 was a blast, and I'm still buzzing from the excitement! 🌟

This week, I had the joy of chatting with one of my first TikTok pals and a continual source of inspiration, Kara Andretta. If you're the kind of artist who loves to dabble in a bit of everything, Kara is your spirit animal. From sugar art to broom making, she's done it all!

Kara's Artistic Journey: From Sugar to Brooms

Kara's story is nothing short of inspiring. She started as an art student, veered into the world of sugar and cake art, and eventually found her calling in Appalachian-style broom making. Her journey is a testament to following your creative heart, wherever it may lead.

A Sweet Spot on Food Network

Oh, and did I mention she's been on Food Network four times? Yes, you heard that right! Kara's had her share of cake fails and triumphs on a national stage. It's not just about the exposure, though. For Kara, it's the joy of creating alongside other artists that really counts.

Embracing the Weird and Wonderful in Art

Kara's philosophy is all about making art that delights the soul. She encourages artists to stop making art people want and start creating what brings them joy. Her work, like the floral piece she shared with us, is a beautiful blend of color and whimsy, with a touch of the unexpected.

From Botanicals to Bold Statements

Kara's love for botanically correct drawings led her to surface pattern design. She's even created patterns for journals! But it's not just about the beauty of the art; it's about the message and the fun. Kara believes in the power of art to entertain and express the unique voices in our heads.

The Takeaway: Just Create!

The biggest takeaway from our chat? Just create. Whether it's a blob of color or a meticulously drawn flower, the act of creation is what's important. And remember, you don't have to monetize your hobby. Art is about joy, not just profit.

So, there you have it, folks! Another episode of Happy Time Craftcast in the books. Kara's journey reminds us to follow our creative instincts and find joy in every artistic endeavor. Stay tuned for more crafty adventures, and remember, keep creating! 

What a whirlwind of inspiration and fun! Kara's story is a reminder that our artistic journey can take many forms, and it's all about embracing the process. Can't wait to see what creative paths you all embark on! Share your thoughts and projects in the comments below. Let's keep the crafty conversation going! 

Stay crafty,

Joleen Emery 🌟


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Show Notes 

Introduction and Guest Introduction (00:01 - 01:22)

  • Joleen Emery, the host of Happy Time Craftcast, welcomes viewers to episode four, mentioning the chat feature for audience questions.
  • Joleen introduces her guest, Kara Andretta, a versatile artist and one of Joleen's first TikTok friends. Kara's work spans various mediums, including sugar, metal, paper, foil, and more.

Kara Andretta's Artistic Journey (01:23 - 11:11)

  • Kara shares her background, starting as an aspiring art teacher, then shifting to sugar art and cake decoration.
  • She recounts attending culinary school at 29, interning in New York City, and her evolution in the art world.
  • Kara discusses her appearance on the Food Network, emphasizing the experience over exposure.
  • She advises artists to create art that delights their soul, showcasing her own diverse and expressive artwork.
  • Kara emphasizes the importance of creative freedom and not necessarily monetizing every hobby.

Embracing Authenticity in Art (11:12 - 22:18)

  • Kara discusses the importance of creating art that is authentic and personally satisfying, rather than just what is popular or expected.
  • She emphasizes the joy and entertainment she finds in her own art, showcasing examples like stickers with unique designs and humorous phrases.
  • Kara advises artists to make what they want, not just what they think will sell, sharing her own experiences with creating unconventional art pieces.
  • Joleen and Kara explore the concepts of satisfaction and entertainment in art, discussing how losing joy in creativity can impact an artist's soul.
  • Kara stresses the significance of self-expression in art, warning against the dullness that comes from suppressing one's creative voice.
  • They discuss the transformative power of embracing one's unique artistic voice, with Kara sharing a story of a client who, through embracing her creativity, gained the confidence to run for political office.
  • Joleen reflects on her own experiences of holding back certain aspects of her personality, considering the value of showing more authenticity.
  • Kara shares her journey in the cake art world, initially feeling the need to be more professional and later embracing her true self to connect more genuinely with her audience.

Embracing the Weird and Authentic in Art (22:19 - 32:57)

  • Kara discusses her decision to embrace her full personality in her art, leading to a more genuine connection with her audience and greater success.
  • Joleen and Kara explore the challenge of accepting criticism and praise, with Kara explaining the brain's tendency to focus on negative feedback for survival reasons.
  • They discuss the struggle with labels in the art world, such as "artist," "crafter," or "maker," and the importance of dropping these labels to freely express creativity.
  • Kara shares her journey from fine arts to crafting, emphasizing the value of all forms of creative expression.
  • Joleen reflects on her own journey to identifying as an artist, initially seeing herself as a maker or crafter.
  • Kara and Joleen discuss the constant urge to create, with Kara noting how life circumstances can affect the ability to act on this impulse.
  • Kara is currently exploring digital art, specifically on Procreate, and emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and taking classes to advance skills.

Collaborative Crafting and Embracing Digital Art (33:03 - 44:28)

  • Kara discusses her approach to learning new skills, such as using Procreate for digital art, and the importance of seeking out tutorials and classes.
  • Joleen and Kara talk about the value of digital art and its transformation into physical forms.
  • They explore the mental hurdles artists face, like learning new functions in digital tools, and the need to overcome these challenges.
  • Kara shares her current projects, including advanced digital art designs and sticker creations.
  • Joleen and Kara discuss the constant urge to create, with Kara mentioning her art journaling as a form of practice.
  • Joleen shares her ongoing projects, including a crocheted cardigan, custom bookbinding, and a unique art piece using gold edges of paper to create a rainbow.
  • They introduce a segment called "Happy News in the World of Crafting," featuring a story about a retired couple who craft together.
  • Kara and Joleen discuss the joy and challenges of collaborative crafting, sharing personal experiences of working with family members on creative projects.

Creative Exploration and Artistic Freedom (44:29 - 55:51)

  • Kara demonstrates how to create art using unconventional materials like food items, emphasizing the importance of not being controlled in the creative process.
  • She shows how to use scallions, carrots, rice, raspberries, and blueberries to create unique and unpredictable patterns on paper.
  • Kara then transitions to using Dr. PH Martin's concentrated watercolors to create vibrant color blobs, demonstrating the technique with a watercolor brush.
  • She encourages playing with different colors and water to see how they interact and create new effects.
  • Kara uses various pens, including Micron pigment pens and a Sharpie, to add details to the dried watercolor shapes, turning them into fantasy flowers.
  • She emphasizes the importance of using art supplies instead of saving them for a special occasion, encouraging artists to enjoy their tools.
  • Kara suggests framing the finished artwork or using it in other creative ways, highlighting the freedom in deciding what to do with one's art.

Creative Expression and Artistic Journey (55:52 - 66:02)

  • Kara suggests various ways to use the created art, like framing, making coasters, or simply keeping it in an art journal for personal enjoyment.
  • She emphasizes that the process and experience of creating art are valuable, even if the art is not shared or used for a specific purpose.
  • Kara offers a special discount code for her art shop to the listeners, showcasing her unique and whimsical art pieces.
  • Joleen announces upcoming retreat dates for 2024, including cooking retreats, couples retreats, and advanced crafting retreats with power tools.
  • Joleen also mentions her craft club, offering monthly kits and live zoom sessions for crafting together.
  • The episode concludes with Joleen asking Kara a series of rapid-fire questions, revealing insights into Kara's personality, preferences, and creative mindset.
  • Kara's responses highlight her love for color, disdain for harmful art, and her dream of being an astrophysicist in an alternate universe.
  • The episode ends with a humorous and imaginative idea of what Kara would like to hear if heaven exists.


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