Design Highlight: Symbols of Remembrance

Symbols of Remembrance Yoga Mat

This week’s Design Highlight is a yoga mat from our permanent collection, the Symbols of Remembrance yoga mat.

Crop of the 'Symbols of Remembrance' yoga mat

This design is an abstract representation of the poppy, Papaver somniferum. Since ancient times, the poppy has been associated with sleep, peace and mourning. The watercolor elements of this design, along with the informal white line work together to create a perfect landscape for peace and restfulness. The color palette is both warm and cool, allowing the user to find comfort and connection in ways that serve them best.

The 'Symbols of Remembrance' yoga mat in use

Our Symbols of Remembrance yoga mat has become a popular basis for memorialization of lost loved ones. This week’s Yogi Highlight will feature yogi and mother Jessica Riser, whose son William Michael passed away after only 18 days. In her search for healing, Jessica's yoga practice has become one of her greatest resources for self-care and community. In fact, Jessica asked that we personalize this design with her son's name.

As she says,

So often, I feel completely alone in my suffering. So often, I feel like there’s no way for the world to get what I’m going through (not that I would wish this pain on my worst enemy)… William’s life was so short, and oftentimes the whole experience doesn’t feel real. He was yanked from my body in a drastic surgery, and was kept alive on life-support for his 18 days. Hearing his name, seeing it on my mat… makes it all feel more real, even as painful as that is. Sometimes, I’ll be sitting in a pose and I’ll see William’s name, and tears will start pouring from my eyes. Sometimes, if I’m in crocodile or half-frog, I’ll catch a glimpse of the letters and I’ll smile. And my mat holds it all. All the pain, the suffering… and all the joy. William was here. He matters, and I do everything I can to honor him — including yoga, because it’s the best thing I can do to take care of myself.

Since then, others have come forward with similar requests using this mat or others. These modifications are easy for us to do, and a joy.

Crop of the personalized 'Symbols of Remembrance' yoga mat

In honor of Memorial Day, take $10 off our Symbols of Remembrance yoga mat this week only (Monday 5/27 through this Sunday, 6/2) using the promo code REMEMBERME at checkout.

The 'Symbols of Remembrance' yoga mat

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