Design Highlight: Water, Wind, Fire & Earth

Water, Wind Fire and Earth Yoga Mat

In our continuing celebration of Earth Day, this week’s Design Highlight (née “Mat of the Week”) is Water, Wind, Fire & Earth by one of our most prolific and talented designers, Karla.

Water, Wind Fire and Earth in Use

The stunning design of our “Water, Wind, Fire & Earth” yoga mat represents the four classical elements of ancient Greece swirling together, revealing creation in all its organic beauty.

This vivid design has proven to be one of our all-time favorites with its rich and vibrant blend of greens and purples, oranges and browns. (The image on your screen really doesn’t begin to do this yoga mat justice — watching its deeply saturated colors unroll on the floor of our studio is an incredibly satisfying experience for us!)

Modern science has taught us that all materials in the universe are composed of atoms, but in the ancient world in which yoga was born, the Greek philosopher Empedocles proposed that all matter was composed of the four basic elements of water, wind, fire and earth, representing the states of liquid, gasses, energies and solids in varying proportions. His theories weren’t entirely off-base, but merely incomplete. In any case it was a useful enough model to last for the next 2000 years or so. (Empedocles himself only lasted about 60 years, however, when he threw himself into the Sicilian volcano Mount Etna to prove to his followers that he was immortal. He wasn’t. Probably to no one’s surprise but his own.)

However, you can meditate on the classical foundations of science and the elements that comprise our natural world — and the hubris of Empedocles — while you practice on this gorgeous mat for 10% off this week only using the promo code WWFE10 at checkout, good from Monday, 4/22 through Sunday, 4/28.

Happy Earth Day! (And water and wind and fire too!)

Water, Wind Fire and Earth Yoga Mat

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