Indecisiveness is Contagious

Typically, I’m a really fast decision maker.

Like, lightning fast.

I usually operate with intuition as my driver. There is something inside me that just knows what I should do.

What to get the kids for their birthdays? Athletic Apparel. Boom. Done.

What to design next for Big Raven Yoga? Bacon Mats. Yep. Got it.

Who am I going to vote for for President? I live in a blue-state world. Bam. Nailed it.

Now, before I continue bragging about my mad decision-making skillz, let me just share that there are two significant weaknesses in my super power:

1. Where to eat and what to order
2. Which of our many, many, MANY yoga mats should we offer to our yogis?

Our Big Raven Yoga site currently features 90 designs (that you can see), and there are another 450 designs that you can’t. Because I’m an art lover I haven’t been able to narrow down what we offer to you. So, I’ve been offering you a LOT, and jamming your decision-making power too. Boom: Analysis paralysis.

There is so much that I like — so much that I love.

And there’s the rub.

I believe my indecisiveness has been contagious.

Many of you caught it from me.

Some of our customers visit Big Raven Yoga up to 10 times before making a choice. It’s bittersweet, really. On the one hand I’m thrilled that you love so many different designs. On the other, I’m bummed that I’ve made decisions so hard for you.

My bad.

I’ve had Ravens tell me at yoga events that they “just can’t make a choice.” And so they don’t. They say they’ll come back later to make a decision, then sort of forget about us because, as one would expect, life gets in the way. And that’s not good for the health of Big Raven.

I’m trying to manifest freedom in my life. My inability to make a choice doesn’t feel very freeing. I’ve been worried about not giving you enough choice. I’ve been worried that if I don’t show you a ton of our awesome designs in many eclectic categories you might not find what you’re seeking, might not find the one mat that speaks to you.

This approach does not feel free — at all. Not for you, and not for me.

It’s taken me some time, but I think I have it sorted.

Starting this Friday, May 3rd, we are going to have a Permanent collection of 5 designs. The mats in the permanent collection will be our customers’ favorites and they will stay right where they are and remain easy to find, month after month.

We are also going to have a rotating monthly collection of 10 designs that will only be available that month. Here you will see a combination of brand-new designs and old favorites. But once the month is gone so are those designs.

We are super-proud of our Compassion collection and we will keep that available until the end of time too, though the specific charities may change occasionally. There will always be up to 5 mats in this collection where we donate a portion of the proceeds to the associated charity. Our hearts beat louder and longer when we help others who need our help the most. So that one we are leaving just as it is.

Finally, we are introducing a new Guest Artist collection. Here you will find amazing artwork crafted by yoga lovers, practitioners, and artists. This is a new development we’re really excited to see get off the ground!

From 90 designs that stay forever-and-ever-amen to:

  5 that stay
10 that rotate
  5 that help
  5 that showcase our yogis’ talents

Look at me being so decisive!!

From 90 down to 25. (Well, 15, plus another 120 if you count a full 12-month cycle — that’s my cop-out/release valve.)

Since all of this reorganizing will happen on May 3rd you’ve got five (5) days to hustle over to our Shop All button and order the design that’s been on your mind, just in case it’s not one of the lucky 25 that get to stay for the month of May. Speak now or forever hold your peace!

I really hope my recent clarity and decisiveness is as contagious as my indecision has been!

I love you all and deeply appreciate your love for Big Raven!!

(And don’t worry — we’ll send an email near the end of each month to remind you that it’s time to shit or get off the pot for last call, and we’ll also send an email on the first of each month to reveal the new month’s selections!)

We hope you’ll find this new world order as exciting as we do! Namaste!

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