Joleen Emery, Founder of Big Raven Yoga, Is Featured on the Wedded Wellness Podcast with Ashley Sondergaard…

I was a recent guest on the Wedded Wellness Podcast with Ashley Sondergaard, the founder of Wedded Wellness and because Ashley is such a dynamic “yogipreneur”, energetic connector, and radiant human being it was just like sitting down with a dear friend — a friend who listens with such great attention that at that moment you feel like you’re the center of their universe. Imagine walking away from a person like that — you leave on top of the world just for having spent time with her. Ashley has an inner light that is contagious and inspiring. She is a woman to know.

Wedded Wellness marries two worlds that aren’t often paired — weddings and wellness. Ashley helps wedding couples learn simple tools that ease stress and create routines that help couples show up as the best versions of themselves on their big day and beyond. Ashley helps wedding couples by integrating yoga into the planning process, bachelorette & couples parties, and by leading yoga on the big day.

Big Raven Yoga has been working with bridal couples designing custom yoga mats for their wedding parties. Wedding couples sit down with me and together we collaborate to come up with a custom design that best represents their aesthetic, colors, flowers — whatever they want. Often our bridal couples choose to personalize each mat for their wedding parties and in one case… their wedding guests:

Meet Ashley Sondergaard

Ashley Sondergaard: 25 Interesting Things About Me!

  1. Ashley’s favorite healthy snack is fresh fruit.
  2. Ashley’s not so healthy favorite snack is Reese’s. (Ashley then whispered, “the real answer is wine.”)
  3. Her favorite memory from childhood: going to musicals with her mom.
  4. Her favorite musical is The Last 5 Years by Jason Robert Brown
  5. In college, she majored in music and vocal performance.
  6. Ashley would love to get back to live performance by being a member of a Chamber Choir.
  7. Ashley got hooked on Yoga Sculpt when she took her first sculpt class.
  8. The playlist that helped her love of sculpt was an all Britney Spears mix. “Toxic” was the jam of the day.
  9. Ashley always laughs at the airplane scene in the movie “Bridesmaids”.
  10. She has been known to quote “Bridesmaids” (often) and quite randomly.
  11. Her favorite podcasts are That’s so Retrograde & How I Built This
  12. She has been a yogi for 15 years and a teacher for 8.
  13. Ashley keeps a full schedule as a yoga teacher and feels lucky when she is able to take three classes a week as a student. Her home practice includes Meditation and Yin.
  14. She often collaborates with The Lululemon Experience at the Mall of America and has been thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful resource for yoga enthusiasts.
  15. Ashley is mom to two little yogis who are 1 and 3.
  16. Her husband enjoys the physical benefits of yoga and is her #1 cheerleader and fan.
  17. Ashley’s favorite thing about being a yogipreneur is cheering on others in the yoga + business space.
  18. Ashely says when you can help others it comes back tenfold and she has a great appreciation for that.
  19. Ashley’s least favorite sounds are negative conversations — either in movies or in real life.
  20. Her current favorite movie is “Frozen II”.
  21. She loves the movie’s theme: “Step into your power.”
  22. Ashley is really interested in the neuroscience behind yoga and learning how our brains become more resilient in Shavansna. Our bodies are able to learn how to handle high-stress situations because of how yoga serves as a foundation for that learning and practice.
  23. Ashley has an exciting event coming up in collaboration with Inquire2Inspire. Big Raven Yoga will be on hand too!
  24. Ashley’s favorite yoga playlist includes EDM (electronic dance music) by The Chainsmokers.
  25. When I thought Ashley said her favorite yoga music as ASMR (the sounds of people whispering, eating, and popping bubble wrap) and not EDM she paused — gave that a thought and with a chuckle randomly quoted Bridesmaids, “I’m ready to party!”

Joleen on the Wedded Wellness Podcast

Episode Title

Listen: Gifts that Stick, with Joleen Emery of Big Raven Yoga

Episode Summary

Ashley Sondergaard interviews Joleen Emery, founder of Big Raven Yoga mats.

Episode Notes

“Joleen Emery, founder of Big Raven Yoga Mats, is a strong human being. Not only is she strong enough to raise four children, become a yoga teacher, support other artists like her, and maintain her sanity while doing it all, but she’s strong enough to start a successful yoga business after a leg-shattering accident. Literally. After healing from her injuries, Joleen returned to her yoga practice with an idea — a yoga mat that’s not only functional, but noticeably original and beautiful…”

Ashley and Joleen chat about her journey into entrepreneurship, her self-care secrets, and why Big Raven Yoga Mats just might be the best bridesmaids gift out there!

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