We’re at the RAW IMPACT Showcase!

Just a quick shout-out to all our fellow artists at the RAW IMPACT Showcase! The music is awesome! Pop over to the Pourhouse in downtown Minneapolis to see our dramatically lit yoga mats in person!

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A Few Mats We’re Saying Goodbye To (April 2019 Edition)

As promised, we’re reorganizing, and we wanted to give you one last shot at some of the mats to which we’re about to say goodbye, with the help of two of my kids, Georgie and Charlie…

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Indecisiveness is Contagious

Typically, I’m a really fast decision maker. Like, lightning fast. I usually operate with intuition as my driver. There is something inside me that just knows what I should do. What to get the kids for their birthdays? Athletic Apparel. Boom. Done. What to design next for Big Raven Yoga? Bacon Mats. Yep. Got it. Who am I going to vote for for President? I live in a blue-state world. Bam. Nailed it. Now, before I continue bragging about my mad decision-making skillz, let me just share that there are two significant weaknesses in my super power: 1. Where to...

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Iiiiit’s Gaaaaame Daaaaay!

This weekend we’re down in Mankato, Minnesota, at the civic center arena showing our yoga/workout/exercise/pilates/fitness/recovery mats in association with Game Day Mankato. If you’re in the area, it’s a rare opportunity to check out our mats live and in person, and to watch some really impressive athletes compete! (And in addition, we’re running a 10% off show special for the mats we’ve brought to the show with us!)

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