Design Highlight: Hey There Chickadee

Big Raven Yoga Hey There Chickadee Yoga Mat

It’s full summer her in Minneapolis (finally!) and our back yard has recently been inundated with black-capped chickadees, so it seems only fitting that this week’s Design Highlight be our very own Hey There Chickadee yoga mat. This fun little scherzo was designed by our daughter, Hannah. Hannah recently graduated from college in California and now works as a screenwriter, among other things (such as being one of our chief graphic designers and the manager of our social media accounts — hey there, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, and you too, Twitter and YouTube!

Crop of the Big Raven Yoga 'Hey There Chickadee' yoga mat

This has been a long-time favorite of mine. It prints beautifully; the screen image really doesn’t do it justice, I’m afraid. (On-screen color technology still doesn’t come close to reproducing the rich, vibrant colors produced by our dye process, even on a beautiful modern Apple screen. Believe me… we’ve tried!) You’re simply going to have to trust that if you like the image on the screen, you’re going to love it even more when the mat arrives on your doorstep!

Chickadees are one of those rare year-round Minnesota residents. No snowbirds, these! They don’t migrate, and they have a cool trick for surviving our harsh winters — they can lower their body temperatures by 20° to conserve energy. Only a few other bird species can do this, as it turns out: the common swift, the common poor-will, and the less nighthawk. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

The Big Raven Yoga 'Hey There Chickadee' yoga mat in use

But… it’s still summer here in Minnesota. And I don’t want to begin thinking ahead to winter yet, so let’s celebrate our hardy feathered friends by using the promo code CHICKADEE at checkout to save $10 on our Hey There Chickadee yoga mat this week only!

The Big Raven Yoga 'Hey There Chickadee' yoga mat

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