We Love Lori Spiralke!

This is the twelfth in our ongoing series celebrating our happy customers. This week we’re profiling Lori Spiralke, whose photos by the lake naturally made us think of the 4th of July here in Minnesota. She said the Big Raven Yoga mat she selected, Water, Wind, Fire & Earth, drew her in simply because of its vivid, vibrant colors. Thank you so much, Lori, for being such a friend and fan of Big Raven Yoga — we feel the same about you!

Full image of the Big Raven Yoga 'Water, Wind, Fire and Earth' yoga mat Cropped image of the Big Raven Yoga 'Water, Wind, Fire and Earth' yoga mat

QTell us a little bit about yourself…

AI’m a free spirit who’s always trying to fulfill my life’s purpose. I find joy in connecting with others and spreading love and kindness.

QWhat kind of asanas do you practice?

AModern yoga.

QHow long have you been a yogi?

AThree years.

QWhat role does yoga play in your life?

AYoga is a way of living. It helps to promote my mental, spiritual and physical being. It helps me live with greater awareness. It also helps me with attention, focus and concentration.

QDo you have a favorite pose?

ADekasana (airplane pose) and Kakasana (crow pose).

QHave you ever had a “yoga moment”, something that happened during practice that you didn’t expect? That made you laugh, brought you joy, made you cry?

AI found myself crying more than I could ever remember doing before. It was such a wonderful release that I knew in my heart there was no sadness attached, I had just unblocked emotions that I had been pushing down for years. I haven’t been the same since. I know allow myself to feel every emotion that I was meant to feel.

QIs there a pose that used to be a “pillar pose” — one that you were working toward — that is now accessible to you?

AKakasana — I was always nervous I’d fall on my head, which I did a few times before understanding the pose.

QWhen you placed your order with Big Raven Yoga, what made you choose Water, Wind, Fire & Earth?

A It was just so beautiful. It drew me in and I just got lost in the vibrant colors.

QDo you have your eyes fixed on any other Big Raven designs? If so, which one(s) and why?

AI’m in LOVE with the Ragnar Elements of the Earth — my fire sign is highly attracted to its warmth.

QDo people ask you about your mat?


Thank you SO much, Lori — I really appreciate you taking a few minutes to talk to all of us at Big Raven.

Lori owns Water, Wind, Fire & Earth and you can follower her on both Instagram and Facebook!

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