Design Highlights

Design Highlight: Our Ragnar Collection

Today we’re highlighting one of our more unusual collections of yoga mats — our Ragnar Collection. What, you say, isn’t Ragnar all about running? But I’m a yogi! Well, it turns out a lot you yogis are also runners, and vice versa. And yoga mats aren’t just for yogis — runners need mats for stretching before and recovering after… and for sleeping on in the case of Ragnar races, which are usually overnight (which is why one of their events is called “Chase the Moon”). This weekend, runners are racing along the St. Croix river from St. Paul to Duluth, Minnesota,...

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Design Highlight: Donut Worry, Be Happy

This week’s design highlight is part of our permanent collection due to its enduring, year-round popularity. Designed by our daughter, Hannah, our Donut Worry, Be Happy yoga mat depicts your Earthly post-yoga reward. Something to focus on during practice. Your drishti, if you will. When my team first came to me and said, “You know what we need? A doughnut yoga mat,” I was… well, I was more than a little skeptical. Doughnuts and yoga? But they finally convinced me that it’s a thing and that it’s a thing we need. So Hannah sat down and designed one. She was...

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Design Highlight: The Light In Me

This week’s design highlight is, once again, one of our three new designs for July 2019: The Light In Me and alludes to one of my very favorite words ever: Namaste Commonly translated as “the light in me honors the light in you”, namaste is the most commonly used word amongst yogis — and with good reason. When yoga class ends, we bow to each other with palms pressed together at heart center, reminding ourselves of the good energy and intention we’ve set forth in our practice. When we say “namaste”, we are acknowledging and honoring the light, love, truth, beauty,...

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Design Highlight: Born In the Moonlight

This week’s design highlight is one of our three new designs for July 2019: Born In the Moonlight. It’s another in our often-used sun/moon/stars theme. We have so many of these because one of our designers, Karla, spends every moment she can outdoors, under the sky, camping, surfing, cooking out on the beach, and the night sky is her muse. The description for this mat, on the other hand, was written by our very talented Bri Traquair, who’s probably the most slyly hilarious member of our team: If you believe in old superstitions, you might think that being “Born in...

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Design Highlight: Hey There Chickadee

It’s full summer her in Minneapolis (finally!) and our back yard has recently been inundated with black-capped chickadees, so it seems only fitting that this week’s Design Highlight be our very own Hey There Chickadee yoga mat. This fun little scherzo was designed by our daughter, Hannah. Hannah recently graduated from college in California and now works as a screenwriter, among other things (such as being one of our chief graphic designers and the manager of our social media accounts — hey there, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, and you too, Twitter and YouTube! This has been a long-time favorite of mine....

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