What IS Figure 4?

Contrary to popular belief, ballet is one of the most intense exercises known to man- (and woman-) kind. But for those of us who don’t want to try a full-on ballet class, there are tons of options around the world that mix elements of ballet with yoga and cardio. Figure 4 is one of these classes! Learn more about this exhilarating workout below:

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Figure 4 is currently exclusive to NYC, but if you check back tomorrow we’ll show you how you can try Figure 4 at home!

High Energy

There are many different elements to a Figure 4 class. You move through plies and squats to arm exercises with light weights to pushups and intense ab circuits. You’ll end with some leg work and then back to the bar for more leg lifts. It’s an intense workout that will work up a sweat in minutes.

Works Your Heart and Muscles

The intense workout is great for releasing toxins from your body! Instead of isolating a single muscle, Figure 4 incorporates arm and leg exercises at once to keep you in the fat-burning zone. Read: quicker results! Be prepared to feel the burn the next day.

Influenced by Yoga

Although focused highly on barre techniques, Figure 4 also incorporates various yoga poses. Child’s pose shows up several times and you’ll also do some variations on side plank poses. In Figure 4 Stretch, you’ll notice elements of yin yoga throughout the class. Figure 4 also borrowed the idea of a heated classroom from the popular hot yoga classes.

Variations on Figure 4

While the original Figure 4 class is a favorite, Albarelli and her colleagues have developed several other classes based on the original. In a hot Figure 4 class the temperature is bumped up for an amazing detoxifying workout. There are also advanced and beginner versions of Figure 4 so people of all experience-levels can participate. If you want a more calming exercise try Figure 4 Stretch, which focuses on stretching and incorporates elements of yin yoga. Whatever your preference, there is a type of Figure 4 for you!

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