Yoga to Ease Your Anxiety

We’ve all felt anxious at one point or another; it’s part of being human.

Just because it’s normal though, doesn’t mean we should have to live with persistent anxiety. That’s just plain unhealthy.

Small amounts of stress can be motivational, but when your anxiety feels inescapable, there’s a problem.

To help counteract that stress we’ve put together an infographic of our favorite yoga poses for alleviating your anxiety. Check them out below!

Infographic: Yoga to Ease Your AnxietyDownload>

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Legs Up the Wall

Elevating your legs above your heart helps ease tension.

Seated Forward Bend

Helps with alleviating headaches, depression, and anxiety.

Child’s Pose

Relax into your mat and forget the outside world.

Standing Forward Bend

Helps renew energy and alleviate tension.

Corpse Pose

Focus on clearing your mind and taking deep calming breaths.

Cat/Cow Pose

Close your eyes and focus on connecting your breaths.

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