Design Highlight: The Moons in the Sky

The Harvest Moon September is a big month for astronomers and astrologists alike. The full moon of September, otherwise known as the Harvest Moon, will be visible in the sky on the 24th this year. So let’s grab some friends, roll out those yoga mats, and get our moon-gazing on! Or rather, just get excited about the release of our new The Moons in the Sky yoga mat, which is part of our Sawyer collection! Since the beginning of time, the moon has been the focus of folklore and mystery. That’s why this month, we want to celebrate the moon’s...

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Freebie Friday! 09.14

  Friends, I think social media has broken me. Open Facebook, and all my friends are posting their latest achievements: earning degrees, paying off student loans, buying houses, having babies...  On Instagram, everyone is waking up before the sun rises, making all their food from scratch, hiking up mountains, and still managing to find the energy to look fah-reaking BEAUTIFUL in every single one of these moments. With Pinterest, I'd be embarrassed to tell you how many boards I have dedicated to birthday party ideas for children I don't even have yet. And every day, Twitter is reminding me that I have the exact same...

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Top 5 Yoga Poses for Back Pain

You know you’re getting old and worn out when the back pain starts to set in. Unfortunately for all of us, back pain is a natural repercussion of aging. It’s almost unavoidable! Luckily, we have a cure. When it comes to back pain, yoga is your saving grace. Try out a few of the yoga poses below and get a little spring back in your step! Download>(If your browser doesn't download the image, simply right-click to save or drag it to your desktop!) Fish Pose Known as the “destroyer of all diseases” the fish pose helps improve your posture and...

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Freebie Friday! 09.07

We’re back with another Freebie Friday! Click on the link below to download this dazzling piece, and don’t forget to share it with your friends over on your favorite social media sites! Everywhere we turn we face the expectations of others. Our bosses, friends, family, even strangers have expectations of us. All of this results in an unbelievable amount of pressure. We've found that one of the best ways to deal with pressure is yoga. It helps us relieve tension from our mind and body. The intense focus and relaxation of yoga make all that pressure feel a little less...

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Classical Music for a Relaxing Yoga Practice

In the spirit of classical music month we’ve put together a yoga playlist featuring a few of our favorite tunes from classical composers. Let the soothing tones of Bach and Beethoven ease you into your practice and relax your mind and body. Head on over to Spotify to listen to the full playlist. For more playlists for your yoga practice, follow us over on our Spotify profile: Big Raven Yoga. Download>(If your browser doesn't download the image, simply right-click to save or drag it to your desktop!)

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