Beautiful and Complicated—Simple and Refined The Delightful Contradictions of Elyse Dodge Art

Canadian Elyse Dodge, is a Los Angeles based artist and is the designer of Traverse featured in our Guest Artist Collection. Elyse creates artwork that is an amazing experience of delightful contradictions. Her pieces have elements of simplicity and complication, fluidity and hard lines, soft sweet daydreamy colors and bold vibrant eye-catching hues. Elyse creates artwork where the longer you look—the more you see. It’s immersive, experiential, remarkably beautiful and wonderfully unique.

Elyse’s experience as a graphic designer and love for painting has crossed over to create a hybrid style that she refers to as geometric abstraction landscapes. Elyse blends the painterly strokes of impressionism with the precision of geometry—presenting memories in a surreal, colorful and dreamlike state.

Elyse Dodge is a thoughtful and compassionate artist. While talking with her about her art, process, and sources of inspiration she comes back frequently to the heart and soul of her work—the experience of her audience. Elyse enjoys the relationship inherent between artist and viewer, she especially loves collaborating on commissioned pieces and feels a deep and vibrant connection to her clients. Elyse’s artwork is highly sought after for immersive art installations and commissions. Elyse designs artwork to inspire people to see the landscapes around them with a new sense of curiosity and wonder—to recognize the spectrum of colors and shapes that make up our natural world.

Traverse is an illustration that Elyse created of the Stawamus Chief Mountain. The jagged cliff face is the beacon of Squamish, British Columbia, and is often speckled with mountain climbers, hang gliders, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Elyse hopes this piece conveys a deep sense of peace and determination. The beauty and boldness of this landscape is a reminder that we can be both— the experience of delightful contradictions

I am over-the-moon thrilled to have Elyse as a Guest Artist at Big Raven Yoga! Falling in love with Elyse’s work is just as easy as falling in love with the artist herself. Elyse is sweet, funny, and absolutely joyful


  1. Elyse was raised in the mountains in Kelowna, British Columbia.
  2. She is the youngest of 3 and has two older brothers — she grew up knowing lots of loving and playful teasing.
  3. Elyse and her brothers were home schooled for most of their formative years.
  4. This flexibility allowed for Elyse to travel internationally and compete as a Rhythmic Gymnast working on Cirque du Soleil like productions from a very young age. [Wait. What? How cool is that?]
  5. Elyse is hands down a dog person — she’s convinced that cats don't like humans. [Half of us agree — the other half are confused.]
  6. When asked if she had a celebrity crush — Elyse provided a list —[There’s a lot of agreement from the team at Big Raven Yoga]
    • Ryan Reynolds is hot, funny and Canadian so thats 3 checks for Elyse.
    • Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Ricciardo... Apparently I have a thing for Australians as my husband is too!
    • Boris Kodjoe
    • Candice Swanepoel
    • Michael Fassbender
    • Jason Momoa
  7. Elyse is mom to a two-year old son — so reading for pleasure can understandably be a challenge — she’s been working on Jedidiah Jenkins "To Shake the Sleeping Self.”
  8. When she gets a chance to plop down in front of the tele Elyse prefers anything home improvement like Love It or List it. Or when in the mood for something with a bit more drama Succession, West World, or the Great British Baking Show. [The high stakes of a soggy bottom are gripping we agree!!]
  9. Elyse is a self proclaimed coffee snob. [Great minds.]
  10. Elyse’s favorite way to spend a day is to sleep in “for a bit” followed by a sweet and savory breakfast of fruit crepes, bacon and eggs.
  11. Elyse loves going on adventures with her husband and son — a road trip to a secluded beach or a hike with a picnic and view at the top are her favorites.
  12. In the evening, Elyse loves to spend a few hours in her studio painting and then cap it off with tacos, a cocktail and a good show on the couch.
  13. If she could have dinner with anyone Elyse said: Olafur Eliasson.
    Because he has done an incredible job at bridging the worlds between art and design. I hope to expand my art practice into more immersive and installation projects and I would love to get his advice on how to do that.
  14. Elyse’s wardrobe staple is white shirts which she finds ironic as a painter and mother of a toddler.
  15. She says they don’t stay white for long. [Points for optimism!]
  16. She dreams of having the Queer Eye team come and do a closet overhaul! [Can you EVEN imagine how awesome that would be?]
  17. Elyse and her family love to travel.
  18. Some of her favorite destinations have been to Sayulita Mexico & Positano Italy.
  19. Next on her list are Switzerland, Iceland and Japan.
  20. Elyse is afraid of heights and snakes.
  21. She is working on the fear of heights because sometimes as an artist, it is required to get a good view. But snakes are a hard no. [Words to LIVE BY!]
  22. Elyse’s pet peeve is the sound of styrofoam. She says this makes packaging her artwork — a challenge.
  23. When asked what makes her blush Elyse says being put on the spot —especially in front of large groups.
  24. She also blushes very easily and sometimes when she doesn’t even feel nervous — which she describes as awkward.
  25. Elyse says is she thinks about it hard enough she could probably make herself blush on command. [Cool party trick! We’d ask to see it twice]
  26. Elyse says the best advice she’s ever received is Manage your own experience.
    This one was important for me to hear because I am naturally a giver which means as a wife and mom I often put myself last. Managing my own experience looks like having boundaries in place and giving myself the permission to do what I need to be my best self and for my career.
  27. Elyse’s favorite yoga poses are dancer, wild thing and reclined spinal twist.
  28. And her favorite flavor of yoga is hot flow sculpt.
    I discovered Sweat Yoga in Playa Vista and fell in love. This class is basically flow yoga in a hot studio and you do a few minutes of weights so it really is a whole body workout. Once you add the music, people and candlelight its just an amazing experience. I can't wait until studios open up again post Covid and I can go back, until then I have to practice in my living room!
  29. Yoga and movement have always been essential for Elyse. When she’s not not moving enough she suffers from creative blocks and feels irritable. Elyse shares that yoga connects her emotional state to her physical state and helps her re-calibrate. [You’re in good company here, friend.]
  30. Elyse’s thoughts on being a Guest Artist:
    I am so excited! Once I ordered my own mat I could feel how luxurious the material was and was immediately hooked. I am very thoughtful with who I partner with and once I had done my own research and testing—I knew this would be a wonderful collaboration!

Elyse’s new mantra for her yoga practice is "Grounded feet. Soft spirit.” Traverse is a wonderful symbol of that—and are delighted to share it with you.

You can see more of Elyse’s work on her WEBSITE or follow her on INSTAGRAM.

Traverse: A Beautiful Yoga Mat by Elyse Dodge

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