The Creative, Adventurous & Observant Rosalie Haizlett….

Rosalie Haizlett’s artistic point of view is simultaneously sensitive and vibrant. This 25-year-old full time illustrator from West Virginia is naturally quiet and observant. She leverages her powers of seeing in her work as she takes in the majestic and fragile details of the natural world. Rosalie re-creates what she sees in a way that honors her subject by showing off its unique beauty.

We are excited and honored to welcome Rosalie as a Guest Artist—the highly detailed nature of her artwork combined with her choice of comforting and gentle colors has breathtaking results. Mountain Laurel and Mountain Moss are incredible works of art—they evoke a spirit of peace and comfort—almost as though you’re being wrapped in the warmth of nature’s embrace.

Rosalie aspires to remind viewers of the amazing intricacy of our planet and that after seeing her work, people will spend a few more minutes scouring the forest floor for tiny treasures on their next adventure into the woods.

I hope that my pieces help each person that practices on them to be reminded of the fact that they are just a small part of an incredible planet that is always growing, changing, and evolving. I hope that these mats bring an element of nature's calming powers to their practice.

Rosalie is kind, sweet, talented, driven, thoughtful, playful, patient, and a really-really beautiful human inside and out. I encourage you to learn more about this remarkable artist—and be inspired by her view of the world and our relationship with nature.


      1. Rosalie is a hamster person.
      2. Who loves Tacos.
      3. And has a celebrity crush on Bob Ross. [Same—Put a little birdie in the tree]
      4. Two of her biggest inspirations are contemporary botanical illustrator Lara Gastinger and Maria Sibylla Merian, who was a naturalist and botanical artist from the 1600s who blazed the trail for women to be involved in the sciences.
      5. Rosalie’s two favorite reads are The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver and Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden.
      6. Her favorite TV Show is Parks & Rec.
      7. Rosalie’s favorite way to spend the day is to go hiking—with her wardrobe staple—her trusty and well loved/used hiking boots.
      8. Unfortunately for an avid hiker such as herself—Rosalie is afraid of snakes. [Checking to see if there are snakes in West Virginia….Yes. Yes. There are definitely snakes in West Virginia]
        • There are 2 families of snakes found in West Virginia. Twenty-two types of snakes are currently recognized, comprising a total of 20 species. Only two of these snakes, the Timber Rattlesnake and Northern Copperhead are venomous and considered dangerous to humans.
      9. The first thing Rosalie does in the morning is to drink a full glass of water.
      10. Her first job was—Art Camp Leader at Michaels Arts & Crafts.
      11. When asked what makes her blush, sweet Rosalie responded,
        Everything - I'm a redhead :)
      12. Her biggest pet peeve is a completely understandable one—when people smack their gum.
      13. Rosalie’s favorite podcast is The Sandstone Podcast.
      14. If she could dine with anyone—Rosalie would choose her Grandfather who passed away when she was 4. He was also a painter and she would love to talk to him about art and sources of inspiration.
      15. Rosalie’s friends and family describe her as creative, adventurous, & observant.
      16. Rosalie describes herself the exact same way. [Ergo—the title of this post]
      17. Rosalie practices yoga several times a week.
      18. Her favorite kind of yoga practice music is DJ Drez.
      19. Especially when she is practicing Vinyasa Flow and Acro. Yoga helps Rosalie prioritize her physical health, even when she feels too busy to do so.
      20. Her favorite pose is Child’s Pose—she does it several times throughout the day. [You’re in good company there, one of our faves!!]
      21. Rosalie had a yoga moment when she accidentally did a front-flip while flying during acro-yoga. Thankfully she didn't get injured, but she had to work through the fear of it happening again. Rosalie took a deep breath and continued to practice, determined to leave on a good note. [Yoga and life are full of lessons when we are willing to see them]
      22. To Rosalie yoga is very personal and sacred—during the pandemic, Rosalie has developed her own flow and outdoor experience—and on her mat, she will create art, take a nap, stretch, dream, rest, and practice yoga.
      23. Rosalie's artist perspective of Mountain Moss…
        This design features a watercolor painting of sphagnum moss, a lush moss that grows in many bogs and provides habitat and safe haven for wetland creatures like dragonflies and frogs. On the surface, this moss looks like a green carpet, but if you kneel down and take a closer look, you'll notice that it is actually made up of all these amazing geometric spikes. This design serves as a reminder to slow down and notice the small, seemingly mundane things in nature.

        [Isn’t that awesome?!?]

      24. And about Mountain Laurel…
        This design features a watercolor of a cluster of blossoming mountain laurel flowers. I was drawn to these flowers because even though they are soft and feminine at first glance, the inner section of each blossom has a strong, star-like shape radiating from the center. I hope that when you look at these blossoms, you are reminded that power and strength go hand-in-hand with femininity. [LOVE!]
      25. The best advice Rosalie has ever received is—Do one thing a day that scares you. [Unless it’s playing with snakes. Natch]

Rosalie is an artist to keep your eye one—she has big things ahead and really wonderful things happening now. From online courses, nature illustration classes, and commission work—art is her full-time gig and is keeping her really busy. Learn more about Rosalie by visiting her website, following her on Instagram, Facebook, or enjoying the yoga mat unrolling video posted below.

Nature Inspired Designs by Rosalie Haizlett

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