Welcome Guest Artist Lauren Echo

Lauren Echo is an illustrator based in Reno, NV and Lauren is — hands down — one of the kindest, most generous, delightfully positive, and genuinely engaging people roaming the earth. Her charming and lovely disposition is evident in her artwork. Her artistry is uplifting, pure, and uncomplicated — it’s refreshing and easy to love — much like the artist herself!

Lauren is an avid lover of nature and outdoor recreation — climbing, hiking, and all versions of skiing call to her daily. Her days feel incomplete without some time spent outside. Nature is her artistic muse and inspires many of her illustrations.

Lauren is working on completing a degree in Outdoor Product Design and Development which is a great complement to her entrepreneurial drive and accomplishments. In addition to her Yoga Mat collaboration with Big Raven Yoga, Lauren has also developed a limited edition Kula Cloth (that has already sold out!) Toiletry & Zip Pouch Bags in collaboration with Dirt Chalk Bags, stickers, art prints, murals and eco-friendly water bottles.

Lauren has five yoga mat designs in our Guest Artist Collection — it’s incredibly difficult to pick a favorite. Each one is a beautiful representation of her statement as an artist — she communicates love, reverence, and passion for people and nature. Lauren’s art will bring you outside to discover and enjoy nature’s natural textiles and patterns.

Here are 25 more awesome and interesting things about Lauren Echo Echo Echo…

    1. Lauren’s morning cuppa is — boiling water poured over coffee grounds with oat milk, collegen, and turmeric until it’s creamy goodness.
    2. Lauren lived in New Zealand for 8 months and LOVED IT!.
    3. She lived in a van for 3 weeks and got to enjoy the vast landscape and artistically inspiring vistas..
    4. Her favorite TV show is The Office.
    5. Natch her favorite character is Dwight.
    6. Lauren loves Bluegrass music specifically The Lost Sierra Howdown and Royal Jelly Jive.
    7. She does have a couple of favorites we COMPLETELY identify with — Ben & Jerry’s Brownie Batter ice cream and Shakes from In/Out..
    8. Oh — she would like to add she also likes FRIES from In/Out (here we part ways and STRONGLY DISAGREE).
    9. Lauren’s family and friends describe her as Resilient, Protective, Maternal, & Generous..
    10. Lauren describes herself as Colorful, Happy, & Resilient.
    11. Her celebrity crush is Johnny Collinson  — a Big Mountain Skier. Youngest person to climb the Seven Summits at the  age of 17.
    12. Lauren likes bougie water... LaCroix Grapefruit is at the top of the list currently.
    13. Lauren recommends the Juicy Bits Podcast by Coalition Snow..
    14. Lauren describes yoga as being “hard as shit” and she loves it!.
    15. She loves the depth and breadth of yoga — there are so many levels and places to go both physically and mentally..
    16. Lauren is a self-described over-analyzer — she says yoga helps her break it all down and find calm..
    17. Her favorite flavor of yoga is Vinyasa Flow  — she loves it for keeping her body and mind in balance.
    18. Her favorite yoga pose is Happy Baby.
    19. Lauren says any form of yoga helps provide a sense of self and helps you to become one with your body. It’s like one giant “Thank You” to yourself..
    20. When asked if she is a cat person or a dog person Lauren’s response — Dogs for The Win!.
    21. Lauren’s wardrobe staples include her Kind Apparel Hoodie, Lucy & Yak Dungarees..
    22. Her dream destination is Morocco  — the colors call her.
    23. It’s worth mentioning her favorite part of her artistic process is researching color theory.
    24. The best advice Lauren ever received was from Kelli, the owner of NOSO Patches, she told Lauren to "Be Silly". Kelli also said — “people are going to tell you that you can’t start the company of your dreams or just knock you down.” The only thing you can do is be silly and have some f***ing fun.
    25. We asked Lauren what makes her blush she said, “Anytime I get a compliment about my art I blush and don’t know what to say. I never thought my art would be received like it has and hearing kind words still surprises me!” (Let the rosy cheeks commence — Lauren we LOVE it, we LOVE it, we LOVE it! Your art is INCREDIBLE!!).

Be sure to check out Lauren’s remarkable work in our Guest Artist Collection — your yoga practice will be enriched with a Lauren Echo design as your companion.

To learn more about Lauren you can visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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