Design Highlight: Daydream; Rose Gold Pathway; Moonchild, You Shine

Daydream Yoga MatRose Gold Pathway Yoga MatMoonchild You Shine Yoga Mat

This week we’re celebrating Mother’s Day! (It’s this coming Sunday. You’re welcome.)

As a result, we’re calling this week’s design highlight our “Mother’s Day Trio” — three yoga mats with a similar design aesthetic, all created by Karla, and all introduced on the first of May, just in time for Mother’s Day! (And, I should point out, not just introduced on the first of May, but only available during the month of May, so if you love these, don’t dawdle too long or you’ll miss your one and only chance to own one…)

All three of Karla’s designs remind us of marble floors cut into increasingly sophisticated geometric mosaics, like something from ancient Roman palazzos:

Daydream Yoga Mat

Beginning with our first design highlight, Daydream, we find a simple, sturdy composition of interconnected arcs and triangles which still manage to convey a feeling of softness, like clouds in the sky. As when we ourselves daydream, sprawled out on the ground, communing with the earth and watching the ever-shifting sky rearrange and resolve itself into different forms, so too we find ever-shifting triangles within triangles, overlapping arcs that form squared circles, each piece of the mosaic composed of a myriad of different natural materials. The design at first looks simple, but the more you study it, the more you realize just how sophisticated Karla’s composition actually is. Still waters run deep, as they say, and this design may be an apt match to a sophisticated woman in your own life.

Rose Gold Pathway Yoga Mat

Next is Rose Gold Pathway, another gorgeous geometric that jettisons the arcs and relies on triangles linked together by rich metallic] bands of gold. Despite the fact that this design actually uses fewer shapes and fewer materials than Daydream, it actually gives the appearance of more complexity due to the use of more elements that vary more widely in size. Ecru marble, hammered gold, dusty pink and black onyx weave together in a way that not only would look good on your floor, but would actually look good as your floor!

Moonchild You Shine Yoga Mat

Lastly, we come to Moonchild, You Shine, a delicate composition of fine metallic gold lines, crescent moons, and many-pointed stars arranged in a not-quite-symmetric pattern. Truth be told, it looks more like an enlarged diagram from a lost alchemist’s tome than a beautiful sueded yoga mat. According to Karla, we are all children of the universe, and this design "represents how children sit in the heart chakra of their parents.” We find this design incredibly calming, reminiscent of crib mobiles, old-fashioned wallpaper, and the soothing lullaby of our favorite childhood book, Goodnight Moon.

And in celebration of mothers everywhere, you can purchase any of these three soothing and sophisticated designs for $10 off this week only using the promo code CHILDSPOSE at checkout. Remember, these three designs are only available during the month of May, and they’ll only be discounted this week, so if you’re in need of a Mother’s Day gift, this is the absolute best time to pick up one of these soft and luxurious yoga mats!

(You can also watch Joleen unveil these during a live video!)

Daydream Yoga MatRose Gold Pathway Yoga MatMoonchild You Shine Yoga Mat

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