Design Highlight: The Ragnar Collection

Surprise! Today we’re introducing a new temporary collection of yoga and recovery mats designed especially for Ragnar Relay runners!

We call it our Ragnar collection — obviously!

If you’re not familiar with the Ragnar Relay Series, it’s a nationwide series of long-distance relay events that are roughly 200 miles long and last two days and one night. That’s right — the runners run overnight (which is why one of the events is called “Chase the Moon”).

Ragnar relays are comprised of teams of 4–12 runners; teams with 6 or fewer runners are considered “ultra” teams. The 200-mile distance is divided between the runners into legs of various lengths, and a slap bracelet serves as sort of relay baton between the runners.

Much like Big Raven Yoga mats, Ragnar relay proceeds support various charities, such as Outward Bound, Soles 4 Souls and It Ain’t Chemo.

Furthermore, Big Raven Yoga has been invited to help provide recovery services through the use of yoga at two upcoming events in the Midwest! The first is this weekend in Wisconsin, where 3000 runners are dividing up into relay teams and racing from Waukegan to Madison, starting Friday, running through the night, and finishing on Saturday! It’s called the Ragnar Great Midwest, and it’s a 2-day, 1-night trail run through the beautiful countryside of southern Wisconsin. As their website describes it:

Your team will kick off the journey in Waukegan, just outside of Chicago, and head north past epic views of Lake Michigan. You’ll run through the countryside by lakes and over rolling hills with a billion stars lighting your way.


In the cool, spring air you’ll watch the sun come up as you zoom past picturesque red barns, happy cows, and quintessential Midwest scenery. Your whole team finishes together, tired and triumphant at the Ragnar finisher’s party in the city of Madison.

That sounds…awesome! Yes, even for yogis. (Much of our focus this week is going to be on yoga and running, because even die-hard yogis should sometimes stretch their legs in the great outdoors, and die-hard runners should definitely take advantage of yoga’s stretching and recovery benefits.)

So…if you happen to be in Wisconsin this weekend, or you’re looking for a super-fun road trip, you can join us and check out our new Ragnar collection live and in person for the very first time ever! On Thursday evening and all day Friday we’ll be in Racine at 783 Pershing Park, and on Saturday we’ll hop over to Madison (100 miles away!) and set up camp at 610 John Nolen Drive!

(The next event is the Twin Cities Sunset relay, which will take place June 22. It’s a smaller, shorter, and more casual 1-day event around Lake Rebecca.)

Oh, and one more thing — the only reason I fear you’re all here, actually — this week’s design highlight discount code! This week (and this week only!) take $30 off anything in our new Ragnar collection using the promo code MORECOWBELL at checkout!

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