Design Highlight: Wings of Rebirth Dragonfly Yoga Mat

Big Raven Yoga’s ‘Wings of Rebirth’ Dragonfly Yoga Mat

This week’s Design Highlight also serves as an introduction to our brand-new Guest Artist collection! (Currently featuring only one design from one artist, but more collaborations are in the works! :-)

Crop of Big Raven Yoga’s ‘Wings of Rebirth’ Dragonfly Yoga Mat

Our very first guest artist is Pete Taboada of North Dallas, Texas. Our collaboration was born of serendipity, when his manager approached us at our booth at a bridal expo in St. Paul this past winter and said “You know what would look really great on a yoga mat…”

Pete is an amazing artist and an amazing human being. He’s always been an artist, but he didn’t find that his previous work as a graphic designer was satisfying his creative soul, so he reinvented himself as Pete Taboada, Visionary Spiritual Artist.

He now uses art and creativity to inspire, transform, and elevate both awareness and emotion. Pete works in many different media, such as acrylics on canvas, and often incorporates crystals and gemstones into his works. (Our Wings of Rebirth yoga mat is a high-resolution scan of his hand-painted canvas, in case you’re wondering.)

However, his favorite medium is actually the walls of yoga studios — he’s even live-painted during a yoga class to help capture the intention of the class.

According to Pete, “Wings of Rebirth” is a powerful energy painting about transformations and new beginnings:

It’s about when I went through a difficult time in 2018. I felt like the walls were closing in because of a personal situation. I eventually found a way to look at it from a new perspective, to be able to ‘fly over it’, and it became a new beginning for me.“

Big Raven Yoga’s ‘Wings of Rebirth’ Dragonfly Yoga Mat in Use

We love the vibrant colors of his work, as well as the texture of the scanned canvas and the dynamic composition of this particular piece. You can find more of his work at!

If you love it too, you can save $10 on this mat this week only using the promo code DRAGONFLY at checkout! (Offer good until midnight, June 9!)

Big Raven Yoga’s ‘Wings of Rebirth’ Dragonfly Yoga Mat

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