How to Start Your Meditation Practice

This week at Big Raven Yoga, we’re focusing on meditation: how to practice it, why to practice it, and what meditation means to you. Today, we’re coming at you with an infographic in which you’ll learn a few tips and tricks for beginning your own meditation practice:

Infographic: How to Start Your Meditation PracticeDownload

Try Guided Meditations

How exactly are you supposed to meditate meaningfully? It’s a mystery for beginners! A guided meditation will walk you through the basics of meditation such as breathing techniques, relaxation methods, and other mindfulness strategies.

Start out Small

Begin with short meditation sessions and slowly build up to longer ones as you start to get more comfortable with meditation.

Use an App

Several smartphone applications can set timers and produce ambient sounds and interval tones. These features can help you dive into your meditation.

Create a Meditation Space

Create a designated meditation spot that is comfortable and soothes your soul. After a few sessions, simply entering this area will make you feel relaxed.


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