The Connections Between Art & Yoga

Big Raven Yoga Guest Artist Max Flow is on an endless journey searching for enlightenment through flow.

This is an exact quote and to hear Max say it — it makes perfect sense. Max is one of those people who convey an absolute love for nature, our environment, and the notion that we are all capable of making the world a better place. To Max, our flow is how we navigate through the world. It’s our movement, our journey, our method of being connected to the world around us.

Max is thoughtful. He answers questions in a way that lets you know he’s giving deliberate and thoughtful consideration to his answers. He’s not a make-up-what-sounds-good kind of person. He is a be-what’s-good-kind-of person.

Max was born and raised in Colorado. He studied studio art at the University of Colorado in Boulder. He is recently married, he and his wife, Charlotte Lin, are madly in love traveling the world, expanding their vision of the future, and growing their community. Max and Charlotte’s goal is to bring prosperity through self-awareness to everyone they meet.

In addition to fine art, illustration, and design, Max also hosts and guides ski trips in Japan, and works as an Executive Life Coach.

Max is the kind of person the rest of us are delighted to know. He makes the world a better place just by being exactly who he is.

25 Super Fun Things About Guest Artist Max Flow

  1. Max currently lives with his wife in Japan
  2. He is working on building a ski guiding business
  3. Max loves Japan because it has the best powder snow in January & February and he is excited to be able to travel the country and share his love for powder skiing with others
  4. Max has been skiing since he was 3
  5. Max has been practicing yoga for 4 years
  6. He has been an artist for 10 years
  7. Max favorite yoga pose is forward fold it helps with his overdeveloped quads (a side effect from lots of skiing)
  8. Max is also a big fan of the wheel pose as it helps open up his body to receive energy
  9. Max says he struggles with anything one-legged while on the mat (you’re not alone friend—we are right there with you)
  10. Max loves Soba Noodles with Roasted Vegetables
  11. He also loves the Chex Mix his mom makes at the holidays AND snacks that are sweet and salty.
  12. His favorite movie is The Life Aquatic by Wes Anderson.
  13. He loves it because of its very whimsical tone and how it explores discovering magic in the world.
  14. Max describes himself as positive, caring, and energetic and hopes his family describes him the same.
  15. Max hopes his art expresses beauty and is enjoyable for those who interact with it.
  16. Max observes several parallels between yoga and art—both encourage you to be present in the moment and be a student of observation. Asking yourself questions such as What is in the moment? What will help me find my flow? What am I observing that serves me?
  17. Max loves the idea of having artwork beneath his feet during his yoga practice. He says there is so much personality to a person’s practice. Art in this form can be a mantra—a place for you to begin and end your practice every day.
  18. Max says for him yoga is a gateway to feel and receive energy—a place to feel centered and present.
  19. His favorite sound is Reggae Music
  20. He loves ambient music during yoga anything that helps him find his flow
  21. He also loves Bluegrass and Thievery Corporation
  22. In five years Max hopes to be turning is passion into profit. He recently posted an amazing piece on Facebook talking about Climate Change and Personal Growth. This post is remarkable!
  23. In ten years Max hopes to have achieved Financial Freedom through his entrepreneurial ventures: Ski Guiding, Art, and Life Coaching
  24. Max is an explorer — he turned a vacation into a business
  25. His favorite places are in nature where he can feel centered, present, and connected to something sacred and special.

Big Raven Yoga is thrilled to have the art of Max Flow in our Guest Artist Collection. You can learn more about Max by visiting his website or following him on Facebook or Instagram.

Max Rowe’s Design at Big Raven Yoga: Mountain Magic

Guest artist MAX FLOW finds the mountains of the Colorado Rockies to be a place of great peace and serenity. “Nothing makes me feel more calm than looking out over huge peaks, especially high in the mountains of the place I call home.”

This design was originally a photograph Max took on the way to a camping trip in southern Colorado. He was immediately struck by the ranch quietly resting, nestled into the bottom of this unnamed peak. Max’s use of color gives the piece a friendly atmosphere that evokes fantasy over the stark realism of the original photograph.

Max hopes his piece conveys a love for calm and majestic places and helps the user reflect on finding those places within.

Check out Max’s design here: Mountain Magic

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