Design Highlight: The Purpose of Life

The purpose of our lives is to be happy. If there is no happiness, we should ask ourselves what is there? I often like to view the true objective of yoga as happiness. Through a practice of awareness and mindfulness, one can learn how to live simply and in the present. Not just during our practice, but at all moments throughout the day. In our modern society it is easy to feel the pressures of your job, family, and future goals — and thus easy to forget why it is we exist in the first place.

The Purpose of Life yoga mat

That brings us to explore what that reason for existence is, and again we come to the conclusion of happiness. The happiness I’m talking about is not the selfish materialistic happiness; but rather, something more akin to inner peace. A knowingness and contentness with the present moment. When one has found complete inner peace, that is when you know your purpose.

Time to Be Happy written in the sand on the beach

Okay, that said, all of this is easier said than done, right? Unless you are able to hang out all day in your yoga pants with nothing else in the world to do (which, I would guess, sounds pretty unattainable for most of us). Here is where your mat comes in. Though we can’t all avoid our inevitable responsibilities — on your mat, for that one hour each day, it is nothing but you.

If, during your practice, you are able to achieve a moment of clarity, it will help your purpose feed into day to day life. Even during those moments that aren’t a idyllic (or don’t fit into the aesthetic of your Instagram feed) — and, let’s admit it, we all have those, you are now able to take a step back, reflect, and contextualize why we do the things we do. Why do we make the choices that we make? Understanding our choices will help us to better understand our purpose and our happiness.

Happy woman at the beach

I again pose the question, if we don’t have happiness, what do we have? True happiness, derived from love, understanding, and empathy, is the thing that connects everyone’s shared humanity. There are many people who say to put your own happiness first, and others who say to put everyone elses happiness before your own. In this world of push and pull, how can we know what’s right? As with most things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. How can you make others happy, if you don’t know true happiness yourself?

This week, whether you get 15 minutes, or five hours on your mat, use this time to reflect, breathe, and find that happiness you have been searching for. Find your purpose. Our The Purpose of Life mat is intended to represent just that. Each time you step on your mat you are reminded of your reason for being there. You are ready. In the headspace to center yourself, because at Big Raven Yoga we want to create products that bring you closest to what’s most important: You.

The Purpose of Life Yoga Mat

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