Guest Artist: Pete Taboada

This is the FIRST in our (upcoming) Guest Artist series. This week we’re profiling Pete Taboada!

After finding that his previous work as a graphic designer wasn't satisfying his creative soul, Pete Taboada became Pete Taboada: Visionary Spiritual Artist.

He now uses art and creativity to inspire, transform, and elevate both awareness and emotion.

We couldn't have asked for a better artist to work with on our first collaboration!

His design, Wings of Rebirth, was our Design Highlight this week, but we wanted to learn more about the artist himself.  Check out our Q&A session below!


QWhat should we call you?

A Pete - The Visionary Artist

QWhat artists or type of art inspires you?

ALeonardo da Vinci, Freydoon Rassouli, and everyday art and artists.

"I want [people] to have a positive shift in the way they feel…:

QWhat are you hoping to create for those who experience your art?

AI want them to have a positive a shift in their awareness, and in the way they feel.

QHow do you feel about creating artwork for Big Raven Yoga?

AI am very excited to be working for BRY!

QTell us about the design you created for Big Raven Yoga.

A"Wings Of Rebirth" is a powerful energy painting about transformation and new beginnings. It is acrylics on canvas.

A New Beginning…

QWhat is the story behind the design?

A"Wings Of Rebirth" is about when I went thru a difficult time in 2018. I felt like the walls were coming in closer because of a situation, but I learned to look at it form a different perspective. As a result, I came out of the situation being able to fly over it. With a new beginning.

QWhat do you hope your piece conveys?

AI want people to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, that there is hope even when you don't see it. Nothing stays the same and things will change.

Thank you SO much, Pete! It was great to get to chat with you a bit about "Wings of Rebirth"!

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