Design Highlights

Design Highlight: Terry In His Heartland

Terry in His Heartland is a very special and personal yoga mat for me. I’m so grateful to my team for their creative collaboration and thoughtfulness bringing this project to fruition. My dad, Terry, had a fascination and love for gorillas. Any primate really, but gorillas in particular. One of my favorite childhood memories occurred on a family trip to the San Diego Zoo. My dad sat on a bench outside the gorilla habitat with my little brother, Thomas, and me for over an hour. My dad led this observation, and by his example we were content to sit there...

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Design Highlight: Mee-Maw’s Wallpaper

Mee-Maw’s Wallpaper Introducing our latest journal feature: Design Highlights! In honor of Thanksgiving, our very first Mat of the Week is Mee-Maw’s Wallpaper; read on to learn why… Mee-Maw’s Wallpaper When I was growing up, each Thanksgiving we would go to Grandma Martin’s for lunch and Grandma Emery’s for dinner. Two huge meals in one day. Each house was crammed full of people, food, and simultaneous conversations. At Grandma Martin’s I was one of the younger cousins (I’m the 8th out of 11 on that side), and while my older cousins and the adults would sit in the living room visiting...

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Design Highlight: The Purpose of Life

The purpose of our lives is to be happy. If there is no happiness, we should ask ourselves what is there? I often like to view the true objective of yoga as happiness. Through a practice of awareness and mindfulness, one can learn how to live simply and in the present. Not just during our practice, but at all moments throughout the day. In our modern society it is easy to feel the pressures of your job, family, and future goals — and thus easy to forget why it is we exist in the first place. That brings us to...

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Design Highlight: The Moons in the Sky

The Harvest Moon September is a big month for astronomers and astrologists alike. The full moon of September, otherwise known as the Harvest Moon, will be visible in the sky on the 24th this year. So let’s grab some friends, roll out those yoga mats, and get our moon-gazing on! Or rather, just get excited about the release of our new The Moons in the Sky yoga mat, which is part of our Sawyer collection! Since the beginning of time, the moon has been the focus of folklore and mystery. That’s why this month, we want to celebrate the moon’s...

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