Freebie Friday! 8.3

Our very first Freebie Friday! Every Friday from here on out we’ll be releasing a new piece of artwork that you can download to use as a wallpaper or even print out to put on display. Feel free to share with your friends! ~Namaste Download>(If your browser doesn't download the image, simply right-click to save or drag it to your desktop!) “The future depends on what we do in the present.” Mahatma Gandhi

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Art & Function Rolled into One

You just walked in your front door and are now making a hasty beeline for the shower. Hot yoga is aptly named and you can feel the residual stickiness of all that sweat lingering on your body from head to toe.It’s easy to shower off all the grossness of a particularly intense yoga sesh, washing it all down the drain. But what about your yoga mat? It’s just as sweaty and worn-out as you are. Back in the day you probably just rolled it up and tossed it to the back of your closet, letting all the dirt and germs soak into...

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How to Relieve Soreness from Yoga

An Infographic! Don’t let a little soreness get you down. Even experienced yogis can feel an ache or two after spending time away from their practice. To help alleviate some of those irritating aches and pains after getting back to your mat we’ve put together a few tips and tricks for all you Ravens out there! Namaste. Download>(If your browser doesn't download the image, simply right-click to save or drag it to your desktop!) Rest. Take a break day to rest your muscles for a bit. Heat. Run a hot bath to soothe aches and pains. Medicate. Take some ibuprofen to...

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Why We Hide Our Logo

For the past 15 years my yoga mat has become the place where I can freely express myself. It serves as my foundation. It’s the geographic boundary inside of which I can stretch my mind — and body, literally — and practice being deliberate and non-judgmental.

However, I’ve found myself becoming increasingly distracted by labels and logos on the mats of fellow yogis. I find myself snapping to quick judgements about how much this or that cost, wondering why people waste their money on low-quality mats, or even noticing something unique and new and wondering where they got it…

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